Wednesday, August 17

I have not charged my portable console for a year and the mobile is to blame

My portable console has been collecting dust in a drawer for more than a year, and my phone is the main responsible. Casual laptop gamers are few, but we do exist. Those of us who only play from time to time on the bus, on the train or in bed on a boring night. Those of us who don’t have a PlayStation in the living room.

Beyond what a cheap gamer like me has as a habit, the industry is giving us important clues about the mobile as a substitute for the portable console, both with the rise of streaming gaming and the heavy investment of large companies in porting their titles to our phones. If I have a mobile, I already have a portable console (probably with better hardware than any portable console).

Having the same PC Fortnite in your pocket is much more relevant than we may think

I don’t even play Fortnite, but literally have on mobile the same version of PC and console from a game that bills billions of dollars it is already a sign that something is happening.

That practically all the giants in the industry are betting on mobile gambling is a sign

The list begins to be striking: ‘PUBG Mobile‘, ‘Genshin Impact‘, ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift‘ ‘Pok√©mon Unite’, etc. Riot, Epic Games, Tencent Games and Nintendo investing millions to bring me the same version or an adaptation of its star games to the phone.

And what if I can’t find any of these games in the app store? That I have cloud services to play streaming. Google has Stadia, Microsoft has Xbox xCloud, NVIDIA bets on GeForce Now e even Amazon is doing the same with Luna. Nobody wants to be left out of the plan: that mobile users can have access to the triple A in their pocket.


With an old Xbox controller that I have at home, I have been able to play Forza Horizon 4 on xCloud, Cyberpunk on Stadia and more games that my portable console is unable to move.

Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox) - Game Controller for Phones, USB-C Connection, Ergonomic Design, Individual Fit for Mobile Phones, Analog Device - Black

Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox) – Game Controller for Phones, USB-C Connection, Ergonomic Design, Individual Fit for Mobile Phones, Analog Device – Black


There are Type-C adapters that turn the phone into a console.

If someone finds it a pain to play with a remote control, there are spectacular adapters such as the Razer Kishi, compatible with the main streaming gaming platforms. For 100 euros I turn my mobile into a console, not too bad.

Mobile hardware is at an impressive point


Although we are no longer surprised by so many launches, practically weekly, of phones, we are at an impressive hardware point. Why am I going to play on a 720p LCD console when I have a mobile with a Super AMOLED screen in 2K up to 120 FPS?

My current mobile has more power, a better screen, speakers and even more catalog than a portable console

At the raw power level, more of the same. Any high-end mobile is much more powerful than a Switch or even an NVIDIA Shield with the well-known Tegra X1 (just look GFXbench). Additional, with the high refresh rates, andIt’s easy to find games that move at 90 and 120 FPS, unthinkable for today’s laptops.

There are even mobiles with triggers, CPU control, pop-up front camera for streaming on Twitch and even fans to cool down, what things.

All this power makes sense to play the heaviest proposals but, if the budget is not right, all the great games that are coming to the market are adapted to the budget range, with medium graphics settings. In the case of cloud gaming, the hardware of the phone doesn’t even matter.

The mobile is my main console, and lthe data say I’m not alone. I am part of the 2.4 million concurrent PUBG Mobile players and one of the 40 million people who downloaded Genshin Impact. Laptops have life left as long as giants like Nintendo keep updating their catalog and products, but I’m sure that the golden age of mobile gaming is getting closer and closer.