Saturday, December 10

“I screwed up”: first words of the driver of the Alvia to a police officer

The first police command to arrive at the accident of the Alvia that crashed on July 24, 2013 in Santiago has stated this Tuesday in the trial that the driver and accused Francisco José Garzón Amo told him up to three times “I screwed up” and that he had been driving “at 190 kilometers per hour”.

The driver of the Alvia apologizes to the victims in tears: “Forgive me. I couldn’t help it”

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In the City of Culture that hosts this oral hearing, this witness has indicated that a police officer took the driver out of the machine and took him to where he was, and has also reported that he had a bleeding head injury and that he was moving around his own foot.

When asking Garzón what had happened, the answer was “I screwed up”, then he mentioned the speed, and immediately asked if there were any injuries; At that time, as this position found him very nervous, he replied “calm down, don’t worry”, and the answer he got was: “How can I not be worried!”.

Amo was treated by the toilets, who commented that he had to be evacuated, and for this reason this superior ordered two troops to accompany him to avoid potential attacks.

Before that, in the ten minutes they shared, the driver, who had a mobile phone, made calls, but he does not know who or the content.

The only two defendants are not present in the room, who are the driver of that derailed train and Andrés Cortabitarte, at the time responsible for traffic safety at Adif.

Both, who have already testified, are exempt from attending and, therefore, can freely decide.