Thursday, January 27

“I stopped drinking and I’m buying everything in Bitcoin”, says a father worried about his son’s future

Thinking about a better future for his family, a father claims he has stopped drinking and is now buying Bitcoin for his family’s future.

According to him, his relationship with the cryptocurrency market started recently, and he is still a newcomer to the market. However, he is also a new father and hopes that the future for his son will be better than his.

Anyway, he was surprised by the potential of cryptocurrencies, even stablecoins.

“I’m a crypto novice, but I’m surprised at the potential that even stable currencies have. I’m also a new father and I really want a better future for my son.”

I stopped drinking and I’m buying Bitcoin, says father worried about the family’s future

Downloading a Bitcoin wallet onto an electronic device is a task that can be done safely and in just a few steps. After that, the “Bitcoin account” is already created to make deposits on the spot.

In less than 20 minutes any user, even beginners, can learn to create their own wallets, which has become a common task for those who want to leave an inheritance for their children.

In Brazil, for example, Bitcoin fan Huberto Leal even created long-term savings for his daughter to enjoy in the future, making purchases in different months.

But the Reddit user Erron89 he said this Monday (29) that cryptocurrencies are improving his life, even though he still hasn’t made any gains.

“That said, I used to drink a lot and eat a lot of takeout food, etc., always a little skinless and feeling like I never got anywhere financially. Now, quietly, that extra drink money I’ve been wasting for over 10 years (better to learn late than never!) is going into a cryptocurrency wallet.”

After starting his investments, he claims that his mental health is improving and it was even possible to lose some weight. By sharing his experience, he said he is more optimistic about the future, thanking the community for help in his learning journey.

It is worth remembering that Bitcoin is an asset that has already given a return far above the traditional financial market in recent years. This situation occurs at the same time as an increase in the inflation of fiat currencies issued by central banks, such as the Dollar and Real.

So many investors looking to save long-term value have turned to Bitcoin, which rivals gold as an eventual store of long-term value. For those who expect a better future for their family, it is at least important to study Bitcoin, a digital asset that has already appreciated 100% in relation to the Real in 2021 alone.

After seeing Erron89’s comment, the Reddit community congratulated him for his attitude of studying the potential of this technology and changing his habits in search of a better quality of life.