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“I want to help”: Lepe displays solidarity among neighbors after the great waterspout

It was not yet fully dawn on Friday when the first customers of the Valsequillo de Lepe hotel accessed its dining room for breakfast, as they have been doing for more than 15 years when this establishment opened its doors, which is still the only rural one on the coast of Huelva.

Mud replaces water in the municipalities of Huelva flooded by the flood

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It has 38 rooms, and the day before I had 25 free. Now it is almost full. The reason is none other than the offer they made from the hotel early this Thursday, when the news of the terrible effects of the waterspout that devastated everything in its path for more than an hour in several neighborhoods of the town and the region.

Its director, Bella Camacho, made her facilities available to whatever was needed, and in the evening people began to arrive who literally had no place to sleep after their homes were devastated by water and mud. .

The hotel, like all those in its sector, is going through the worst crisis in remembrance due to the effects of the pandemic, but those responsible did not hesitate to open their doors at no cost to those who had lost everything. Accommodation, meals and the salary required by your staff. Everything is the responsibility of the company.

Free fish

It is one of the many examples that can be found among the almost 30,000 inhabitants of this Huelva municipality to help those affected by the floods. And there are several more. Fran Ramírez runs a fishmonger in the town’s food market. It is the only square of its style in the main town (there is another in La Antilla), and on Friday morning he published a message on his social networks: “Yesterday we experienced a very negative natural catastrophe in our town and many families have been left without car or part of the furniture in their houses. I want to help all those families who do not have enough to eat today, giving them a kilo of fish. ”

When Andalucia spoke with him, at that moment he was delivering a kilo of anchovies. By geographical chance, the lepero market was a stone’s throw from the El Cornacho neighborhood, where streets like Palma del Condado or Seville still show the effects of the catastrophe.

Nearby is Casa Yolipan. The owner of this bar is Enrique Morales, who also has his tables offered to anyone who needs it. “Today we will have a plate of hot food for all the people who, because of the storm, have no place to eat or cannot cook. We are with you. Courage and a lot of strength for these tough times, with a grain of sand we can help.”

Next to Avenida de Andalucía, in a polygon, is the warehouse where several volunteers have hardly slept to collect clothes, shoes, hygiene items or school supplies. Anything goes to try to get people in Lepe back to normal as soon as possible.

Official aid

The delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, visited the But Zone of the catastrophe this Friday, in Cartaya, Isla Cristina and Lepe to know the damage caused by the rains.

Fernández, who has been accompanied by the mayors of the Huelva municipalities, the Minister of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior of the Junta de Andalucía, Elías Bendodo, and the president of the Huelva County Council, María Eugenia Limón, explained that the The objective of this visit is “to convey the solidarity of the Government to the affected Huelva residents, as well as the commitment to evaluate the situation in situ so that, once the expert opinions and damage reports have been made, to deploy the necessary aid to the full extent possible to contribute to repair the greatest number of damages ”.

The delegate thanked all the institutions and administrations that are participating in the work of protecting the population “joining forces as public servants to meet the most pressing needs of the population.” In this regard, he recalled that the Government of Spain has a permanent aid line for emergency situations, regulated by RD 307/2005, which serves family and coexistence units, emergency expenses of local administrations and industrial establishments, commercial and services, which can be requested within a period of one month from the end of the causative events, apart from complementary aid from the extraordinary regime, such as the area seriously affected by civil protection emergency, explained Fernández.

Meanwhile, the eternal cleaning work continues. The streets gradually return to their usual state, but in the houses the work is slower, because it is not only about cleaning, but about trying to save everything possible. It is a leisurely task. In an underground parking lot, it will continue to drain water at least until Saturday. Only then will the damage to the fifty cars parked there be known exactly.

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