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I want to renew my Apple mobile, am I going to get an iPhone 13 or better a reconditioned one?

The iPhone 13, with its different versions, has already reached the stores and surely there are many of us who are thinking of renewing our terminal for one of these new models. But is the latest iPhone worth it? Or is it better to go to a refurbished?

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It is tempting to go to one of these models that, as we already told you, offer a powerful terminal and with the new A15 Bionic processor … but its price may put us back. The cheapest model, the iPhone 13 Mini is 809 euros, while the most expensive, the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of memory, is 1839 euros.

According to data from Milanuncios, during the days surrounding the event where the details, prices and models of the new Apple terminal were confirmed; Search for refurbished iPhones grew 553%. Specifically, the iPhone 12 was the most searched, increasing its searches by 63%.

But, how much savings can a refurbished mobile mean? Milanuncios places the average price at 583 euros, well below the 1211 euros on average that the iPhone 13 costs Рmaking the weighted average between all models. At the same time, id̩alo explains that, according to an own study, iPhones drop their price by an average of 225 euros a year after their departure.

Now, is a refurbished iPhone worth it?

Advantages of a refurbished iPhone

An iPhone is always a great investment and, the reality, is that many of us want to avoid the figure of 1000 euros. And that is the main reason to go to used, deteriorated or reconditioned models: the price.

In some cases, the savings can be really significant, up to several hundred euros, and in others, only a few dozen. We will have to assess how much our budget is and if we are looking for a practically new model – returned or with damage to the box – or we do not care if it is used.

Disadvantages of refurbished mobiles

The main disadvantage of Apple terminals is that it is not very friendly to third-party repairs. That is, when buying a refurbished product from a company other than Apple, it can wash its hands depending on what situations.

Under Apple regulations, the one-year limited warranty does not include products that:

1. “Damage caused by a service (including updates and extensions) performed by a person other than a representative of Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP).”

2. “Apple products that have been modified to alter functionality or capabilities without Apple’s prior written permission.”

How to solve this? Apple itself has a section on your website to buy refurbished products for themselves and, of course, the limited one-year warranty. Through this portal, we can find iPhones with up to almost 500 euros of discounts -such as the iPhone Xs Max, which drops from 1,329 euros to 889-.

In addition to the guarantee, which we must always look at, there are some other disadvantages that we can find:

Physical deterioration Some products of this type have scratches or wear marks that are practically impossible to remove. On many occasions, they will be almost priceless details, but we have to bear in mind that it can come with this type of damage.

It cannot be returned due to breakdowns or “bad condition”. According to General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Refurbished products are legally second-hand devices, so no claim can be made to replace the device if it is defective.

Some models at a good price

iPhone 11 (64 GB) – 547 euros

The iPhone 11 is one of the newest models and that, reconditioned, we can get for half of the 1000 euros on average of the iPhone 13. It is a powerful model and Apple’s numerical series that, in 2019, was its flagship.

iPhone 8 (256 GB) – 275 euros

What if we want to save even more and don’t mind having an “old” model – while the design changes with the iPhone X -? Then the iPhone 8, which does not even reach 300 euros, can be a great alternative.

iPhone XR (64 GB) – 359 euros

The iPhone XR is a powerful terminal with a really good camera (to be just a lens) and a design at the level of premium models such as 13 or 12. For its price (around 359 euros), this reconditioned terminal It may be the option for those who maintain models such as 6, 7 or 8 and want to make the leap to new generations.

What if we are looking for an iPhone but we don’t want to buy a refurbished one? There are some options that, without approaching the 1000 euros of the iPhone 13, can delight those looking for an Apple terminal.

New iPhone SE – 485 euros

The iPhone SE is an alternative for those who are not looking for cutting-edge models, but who like the iOS system and the applications found in the Apple Store. It is an iPhone that maintains the design of the “old” with the central button and a single camera, as well as frames both on the sides and above and below the screen.

iPhone 12 Mini (128 GB) new – 723.99 euros

Although it is considerably more expensive than the previous ones, the iPhone 12 Mini can be a great option if what we are looking for is a last generation (pen) model, an affordable price, and a reduced size. It is a powerful terminal with the processor prior to the iPhone 13 and a camera at the level of any other premium mobile.

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