Tuesday, July 5

I was there | Last chapter of the 15M podcast

“We slept, we woke up. The 15M podcast ” has been possible thanks to the work and testimony of many people who have collaborated to create a sound archive of what happened 10 years ago and how those struggles are still present today, with other names.

We release the last chapter, perhaps the most special: “I was there”, with the voices of those who listen to us, of those who were in the squares when perhaps we still did not know each other, and of those who have made this project possible.

Because this podcast has been funded by their #LISTENERS, so we can’t help but say THANK YOU over and over again. If you liked it, if you think it is necessary to know our recent history to understand the immediate future, we ask you to share in your networks, with your friends and families, that you recommend it to your neighbors, coworkers, in the neighborhood greengrocer!

It has been a very exciting project and we have left our skin to make a podcast capable of get excited, make us reflect, rebel, be critical and combative with what has been achieved and what lies ahead. From the whole team, thank you, with you YES YOU CAN

Listen We were sleeping, we woke up. The 15M podcast, here

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