Sunday, May 28

Iberdrola dividend: key dates to collect it

This year Iberdrola announced an increase in its dividend after the difficult times experienced by the shareholders of the electricity company last year on account of the problems with the exponential increase in the electricity bill and the decrease in compensation by the Government, later corrected. And also for the reputational damage that was reflected in the action for the declaration before the justice of its president Ignacio Sánchez Galán in the Villarejo case.

But nevertheless, the utility has wanted to reward its shareholders by raising the amount of its remuneration, through the flexible modality it uses. It is about the calendar that is being fulfilled that began at the end of December and that closes now, in a first stage, with the end of the period, yesterday, common election and the period of negotiation of the allocation rights.

Are were the three possibilities to collect it for the 370,000 shareholders of the company on investors’ holding of 1,000 Iberdrola shares:

Iberdrola Flexible Dividend ways to collect it

This is one new title for every 60 copyrights.and free allocation, with the possible combination of options according to your preferences. That’s the way it is, the next step is February 1, in which the payment on account of the dividend will take place to the shareholders who have opted for the payment in cash. It is 0.17 euros per share, 1.2% above what was delivered last year, charged to the results of the previous financial year.

It is the charge of the first payment as an interim dividend to be completed next summer. Those who have missed this, will be able to opt for the next one if they wish, of the higher amount complementary, although not yet stipulated. To give you an idea, the previous payment, that of last year, was 0.254 euros per share, bringing the total to 0.422 euros per share.

Iberdrola dividend history

Now, in this first payment, the amount is raised to 0.17 euros while the next one is to be determined. To access it, you will have to have Iberdrola shares until July 7, because on the 8th of that month, it will already quote ex-dividend. The payment in effect of the complementary will be made on July 29 of this year. The dividend yield that is received, in the absence of specifying that amount, exceeds 4.14%.

On the part of the shares for the current dividend, there are still two key dates. One corresponds to the payment in cash, that budding February 1, because it is the expected date of registration of the new shares in Iberclear’s accounting records, while, the next day, February 2, the new shares will begin trading on the market.

For this end, Iberdrola has increased capital for a nominal amount of 79.5 million euros in order to pay the interim dividend corresponding to this first payment charged to the previous financial year.

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