Monday, December 4

Iberdrola: these are the resistances that the value has ahead

Iberdrola is still in the spotlight due to the judicial process in which it is immersed; in fact, some experts believe that the problems that the firm is having in the so-called Villarejo case could also take its toll on its figures.

If we look at the firm from a technical point of view on the stock market, in the last session, independent analyst Ramón Bermejo raised a possible figure of triple minimum and inverted shoulder head shoulder. Yesterday it showed a reversal figure with some volume that has been validated in today’s session by exceeding the maximum, which could mean that today we see a recovery and that new highs are set tomorrow.

There is a gap against the level of 10,255 euros and the next level would be against 10,315 euros, a resistance level.

The value is inside a channel that has not lost in recent falls

In addition, the market is trying to validate a head-shoulder figure with a critical point at 10,085 euros, so it would have to mark 10,090 on a daily close to confirm the formation of the figure.


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