Thursday, February 2

Iberdrola, winner in the ‘mega auction’ of offshore wind power in Scotland with 7 GW

Specifically, the group chaired by Ignacio Sánchez Galán has achieved the development of three large-scale projects; two with floating technology, which will be developed in partnership with Shell, and a third on a fixed structure. Galán stressed that these awards “show the group’s commitment to Scotland and the United Kingdom.”

“Iberdrola is a global leader in offshore wind energy with more than 5,500 million euros invested in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and the United States, and plans to reach 30,000 million by 2030 thanks to the reinforcement of our current markets and entry into several Asian countries. The enormous investment opportunity that this technology represents requires the creation of alliances, such as the one we have with Shell for these projects,” he said.

The areas awarded by the energy company could supply clean energy to almost 8.5 million homes, three times the number of homes in Scotland.

These are the ‘MarramWind’ projects, 3,000 MW of floating technology on the northeast coast of Scotland that will be developed jointly with the Shell company; ‘CampionWind’, with 2,000 MW of floating technology on the Scottish east coast, also with the oil company; and ‘MachairWind’, a 2,000 MW project with fixed foundations in waters near the island of Islay, in the Hebrides, west of Scotland, and which is the exclusive property of Iberdrola.

The ‘MarramWind’ and ‘CampionWind’ sites, located in deeper water than Islay, they will become the world’s first large-scale floating offshore wind farms and they will be the harbingers of a new industrial sector with Scotland and the UK at the forefront.

The three projects, whose start-up is scheduled for 2030, are part of the ‘ScotWind’ program and represent a joint investment of some 22,500 million euros, of which almost 12,000 million have been committed to Scottish companies and institutions, including a Supply Chain Stimulus Fund of almost 90 million euros.

The company pointed out that each project has created its own digital portal to register and recruit interested companies throughout the supply chain that will have the opportunity to collaborate with Iberdrola and Shell.

This was the largest tender to date by the crown body, Crown Estate Scotland, with the putting into play of some 25 gigawatts (GW) for a total of 17 projects.

Along with Iberdrola and Shell, other ‘big’ oil sector winners have also been awarded, such as BP, which has entered strongly into the development of renewables in recent times, which has been done with 2.9 GW together with the German EnBW; as well as SSE Renewables, in the hands of Maurbeni and CIP; with 2.6 GW.

Similarly, capacity has been acquired in the DEME auction, with 2 GW; Offshore Wind Power, a joint venture between Macquarie, TotalEnergies and RIDG, with 2 GW; Falck Renewables, with 2.7 GW; Vattenfall, with 798 MW; BayWa, with 960 MW; Northland Power; with 2.3 GW, and Magnora, with 495 MW.

Also Ocean Winds, the ‘joint venture’ owned 50% by EDPR and Engie, has been awarded a project located on the Caledonia seabed of 1 GW.

Exceeds 37,000 mW in marine

With these projects, Iberdrola triples its offshore wind energy portfolio in the United Kingdom, which exceeds 10,000 MW. The energy company is a world leader in the development of offshore wind energy, with an operating capacity, portfolio and developments in the initial phase of approximately 37,000 MW.

The company expects to have 12,000 MW of offshore wind energy in operation in 2030 and accumulated investments of over 30,000 million euros worldwide.

Currently, the energy company operates 1,258 MW in the United Kingdom and Germany, which have involved an investment of more than 5,500 million euros, and has 4,100 MW under construction or with construction assured in the United States, France and Germany, with a committed investment of more than 15,000 million euros.

Additionally, it has a project portfolio of 31,500 MW in United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and Brazil, a portfolio that could increase in the coming years thanks to the numerous auctions in which the company is participating.

The potential investments associated with this portfolio of projects, many of which could mature beyond 2030, could be estimated at 90,000 million euros.

In addition, with these awards, the group reaffirms its commitment to promoting renewables in the United Kingdom, a key market for Iberdrola and where last week it announced the purchase of seventeen photovoltaic solar energy projects in the United Kingdom, which add up to a combined capacity over 800 megawatts.