Tuesday, February 20

Iberian Press buys Publisuites

Iberian Press doubles its commitment to content marketing with the purchase of Publisuites (advised by Bondo Advisors), a digital advertising company that connects advertisers (companies and agencies), publishers (bloggers Y publishers) and professionals freelance of the sector (lawyers, journalists and other professionals who generate content) through two platforms: Publisuites (www.publisuites.com/es) and Digital Content (www.digitalcontent.pro).

Publisuites is a marketplace that mediates in the hiring and sale of sponsored content for branded content, SEO and online reputation, as well as writing articles in the ‘Editors’ section of your website.

The advertiser contracts the campaign through an advanced interface that allows him to contract content from the publisher’s publication through a series of links to the client’s website, while the client interface allows different publishers to be selected based on their audience, profile and experience in a certain category. The platform coordinates the work and offers a value-added service, called Managed Service, which makes available to the user a manager specialized in SEO to help him in the management of campaigns of posts sponsored or editorial.

Some figures show the size of this platform: 275,154 users, 11,182 blogs, 622 newspapers, 3,445 editors.

Digital Content Pro is dedicated, for its part, to contracting development services and audience growth. It is a platform that offers the client, among other services, the creation of content, the development of content marketing campaigns, the creation of editorial calendars, the search for keywords and the writing and correction of text articles.

Iberian Press

Leading regional and local information group in Spain, Prensa Ibérica publishes 25 print and digital newspapers in eleven autonomous communities and various magazines.

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With 1.7 million readers in press and magazines (EGM) and more than 255,000 copies (OJD), the group is the leader in audience and circulation in various autonomies and has a growing position in digital media.

On the Internet, its publications reach 27.8 million unique visitors and 590 million page views per month, making it the first Spanish group in the Comscore category of News & Information.