Sunday, January 29

IBEX 35, Siemens-Gamesa, Telefónica and BBVA. Analyze Codina

The editors of They break down the keys of the day together with the experts and the most solvent sources in the sector. This episode features the director of analysis for the investment magazine, Josep Codina, to recompose the stock market week that ended on January 21.

summary transcript

The Fed’s speech continues to weigh, with bonds falling in price, rising in yield and making stock markets nervous.

The start of the corporate earnings season is not helping the positive evolution of the markets either, since the American banks have not met their forecasts. Added to this are the short-term macroeconomic data, which do not bode well for growth prospects and complicate decision-making on the pace at which the Fed can act.

In this context, the IBEX 35 continues without showing the falls of the American stock markets due to the weight that the banking sector has in the index. But it is not capable of going against the current either and is still stuck in the range of 8,800-9,000 resistance points, which it will have to overcome in order to continue with the advances.

It has other important levels to attack in the areas of 9,500 and 10,000 points before being able to recover a favorable scenario in the medium term.

While doubts persist, above 8,500 points there is no pressure for a correction, but below that level, 8,000-7,700 points would complicate the picture.


01:40 IBEX 35 succumbs, annual losses

04:10 Is there room for one more bank in the stock market?

05:04 IBEX 35: entry at 9,250

08:35 Siemens Gamesa: entry at €16

11:00 Telefónica: joy in the €4.15

12:20 Telephone: entry at €3.80

12:49 BBVA: signal at €5.50

15:45 Risk review: Ukraine

guest bio

Josep Codina is a technical market analyst and independent director of Ginvest Asset Management. He joined Inversión magazine in 1992 with the task of displaying the publication’s technical analysis. Today he is the head’s analysis director. He also teaches at institutions such as the Institute of Financial Studies (IEF).

episode credits

Direction: Ismael García Villarejo and Josep Codina

Production: Jose Jimenez

Realization: Gabriel Garcia

Recorded in Madrid on January 21, 2022