Wednesday, December 8

IBEX 35: The South African variant knocks down 8,500 points

The main selective of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, starts the session with a decline of 4 percent and falls below 8,500 integers because of the new variant of the coronavirus out of South Africa.

Uncertainty takes hold of investors and falls take hold of all the selective ones worldwide. The main indicators of Asia As the Nikkei or the Hang Seng they registered setbacks of more than 2.5 percent.

Europe falls to the same level under pressure from both the new variant and the sixth wave of the coronavirus that runs through northern Europe with Austria confined.

IBEX 35 (IB)IBEX 35 (IB)

-270,30-3,06 %


The market discounts new restrictions

Investors discount that strong restrictions on mobility will return due to the sixth wave and the new variants.

The financial community focuses on Germany where the Government has already announced that its pulse will not tremble and will take restrictive measures to where necessary to control the spread of the virus. At the moment, Berlin has banned flights to Sudráfica.

The IBEX 35 backs down due to the tourist

The falls in Europe are led by the IBEX 35 where tourist values ​​are the ones that fall the most. Meliá leads the setbacks with losses close to 10 percent.

The market also shows its concern about the current high level of contagion and the possibility that the new variants are more resistant to vaccines, not forgetting the low levels of vaccination in some European countries such as Germany or Austria, the latter will force the entire population to be vaccinated.

Stocks aren’t the only asset crashing this Friday. The Brent-type oil, the one with the highest international reference, fell by about 4 percent after the opening of the trading floors in Europe and lost the level of 80 dollars in the futures market.

Growth forecasts, pressured

West Texas, the benchmark in the United States, falls by the same percentage and jeopardizes $ 75 in the futures market.

The scenario invites us to think that the already diminished forecasts of economic growth suffer a new impact and investors in crude oil estimate that demand will be reduced due to lower purchasing power and a drop in demand given the new restrictions.

Gold acts as a safe haven, bitcoin doesn’t

Gold remains calm and acts as a refuge with rises of 1 percent that allows it to recover $ 1,800 an ounce during the first hour of trading in Europe.

In the currency market, the euro remains stable against the dollar at 1.12 units of the greenback, as this month it hit annual lows of 1.11 dollars. Bitcoin also succumbs to sales, losing more than 3 percent to $ 56.9,000.

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