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IBM also chooses Spain as the regional pole of its cloud and announces “hundreds of jobs”

IBM has chosen Spain as the nerve center of its cloud services for southern Europe. The deployment will mean the creation of three data centers, “the largest investment that IBM has made in Spain in its almost 100 years of presence” and will create “hundreds of new highly qualified jobs,” explains the multinational. The Spain-based region will be the 10th cloud division that IBM establishes around the world and the third in Europe, after Frankfurt and London.

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With this announcement, IBM joins Google, Amazon and Microsoft, which will also establish the necessary infrastructure in Spain to provide cloud services to the rest of the region. Companies that manage independent data centers such as the Dutch Interxion, the French Data4 or the Japanese NTT have also started or expanded their presence in the last two years.

According to the consulting firm Savills Aguirre Newman, Spain will receive up to 3,000 million international investments in data centers in the next three years. The industry ensures that each euro invested can generate an impact of up to 12 euros on GDP. “Spain, and especially the Community of Madrid, has become a hub of digital businesses in southern Europe thanks to its strategic geographic position, the high demand for cloud services and the ability to generate and attract talent “, explains Horacio Morell, president of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

Spain, and especially the Community of Madrid, has become a digital business hub in southern Europe

Horacio Morell
– President of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel

This new wave of investment that Spain is managing to attract is part of an international commitment to expand the physical infrastructure of the network. The services in streaming, the Internet of things, cloud computing or artificial intelligence have increased the need to bring the data centers where that information is processed closer to the end user. These facilities are nothing more than large warehouses full of servers with the personnel and machinery to keep them in optimal conditions of use.

The new generation of data centers is complemented by an expansion of submarine cable routes, the fiber mesh that supports the Internet and through which 98% of the traffic circulates. The Iberian Peninsula is attracting investments as an alternative to the traditional FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Last week Google completed the construction of a cable between Bilbao and New York and in February the anchoring of the EllaLink between Brazil and Portugal was completed , the first fiber optic cable for Internet traffic linking Europe with South America.

“The cloud market is being redefined rapidly, beyond a public infrastructure, as a service,” says the head of IBM. “With this investment, we also intend to continue supporting the EU’s efforts to build greater confidence in the digital economy, by being fully aligned with European and national plans to achieve technological sovereignty and become leaders of a values-based digital revolution. “, has assured.

The first confirmed client of the new IBM cloud region will be CaixaBank. The bank will use the partnership with the technology company to boost its digital services. “This collaboration has helped us to combine our current technological infrastructures with the most advanced environment driven by cloud technology and artificial intelligence,” said Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of CaixaBank.

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