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IBM, BMW and Mercedes will not attend CES 2022 either | Digital Trends Spanish

The increasingly concise CES 2022 continues to lose exhibitors. To the already documented departures of AMD, Google and Twitter, a new group of companies is added that will change their face-to-face events for virtual ones, among which are BMW, Mercedes, Panasonic and IBM.

According CNET, the German automaker Mercedes sent a statement in which they indicated that they canceled their attendance at the event due to what happens in the United States with the omicron variant. And although they regret the decision, they assure that for health reasons it is totally necessary.

Similar is the situation for BMW, which will have a virtual event on January 5 from Germany. The company says that, for health reasons, it is best to skip CES this year. Meanwhile, IBM will do the same: no face-to-face events, but a virtual one on a date yet to be announced.

The case of Panasonic is a bit different, because according to Mashable They will not completely leave CES 2022 and will maintain a slightly smaller space in the convention center that will still receive visitors, but surely with a limited capacity.

Although the number of companies that will not attend CES 2022 is on the rise, the organization says it is a smaller percentage of the total that will meet in Las Vegas. In total, there are 42 companies that were subtracted, although the Consumer Technology Association ensures that 60 brands have joined the face-to-face event in recent weeks.

On the other hand, Sony, Samsung and LG remain firm in their decision to attend the show, and all will have a space of respectable size. We will have to wait until the inauguration, when images arrive from the place, to know how empty the convention center looks.

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