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IBM launches its new 127-qubit quantum processor | Digital Trends Spanish

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IBM makes a leap in quantum computing technology with its new Eagle processor, which, according to the company, the power it delivers cannot be simulated by any traditional supercomputer (much less a standard computer).

The IBM Eagle is a 127-qubit processor (of English quantum bit or qubit), the most basic unit of measurement in quantum computing; a qubit is the equivalent of the bits of regular computation. The bit is a binary unit that has only two states (0 or 1), while the qubit is a quantum unit that can have both states (0s and 1s) at the same time.

The Eagle is the first processor of more than 100 qubits and is the fruit of the experience of IBM by several generations of processors for quantum computing. Either way, Eagle is just one step in IBM’s large-scale plan for its quantum computing and that, if everything goes as the company expects, it will be widely surpassed in 2022 by Osprey (433 qubits) and in 2023 by Condor, with 1,121 qubits.

IBM produces the quantum processors in its manufacturing plants, although the volume is not yet sufficient for these chips to be delivered to third parties. Therefore, Eagle will be available from December 2021 in cloud format, that is, members of the IBM Quantum Network program will have access to its capabilities, although apparently not all Eagle, but only some.

Quantum computing is currently a race involving not only companies, but also states: China has the world’s fastest quantum computer – on paper – called Jiuzhang 2.0, which was developed at a state university.

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