Sunday, November 28

ICBC Mall, the gateway to China for exporting firms

The marketplace, used by numerous firms, not only allows products to be positioned in China, but they also arrive with institutional value due to the weight of ICBC in that country.

Among the companies that used this tool successfully appears the Colomé winery, located in Salta. This winery, the oldest in Argentina that is in operation today, was founded in 1831 and stands out for its high altitude wines, with its flagship label indicating the maximum height of 3,111 meters above sea level (masl).


Fanny Villamayor, business developer explained: “The tool that ICBC Mall enables us today is to be able to show high-altitude wines from a locality in Colomé directly to the table of a Chinese consumer”. “When one operates with markets so different, as non-traditional as China, that bond or that bridge is what gives us the confidence and the solidity to be able to take the Comex tool as something important for our development,” he said.

Mainly, the bank establishes a bridge. In this sense, ICBC Mall China is one of the key links in the ICBC’s Foreign Trade strategy, area in which it is a leader. It is also integrated with ICBC Multipay Comercio Exterior, a platform that allows operating 100% online, and with ICBC Business MatchMaker, which opens contacts for Argentine companies with potential counterparts in the Chinese market.

“ICBC Mall gave us Argentines who were in China the opportunity to make the product visible and show it in a totally different way,” he said. Fanny Villamayor in relation to your experience with ICBC. “Being able to do it from the bank’s frame gives it an institutional value. The interlocutor who sits down in a business round knows that you offer a serious and high-level product ”, he added.

Currently, ICBC is the only bank that offers an e-commerce channel that connects exporting companies with the Chinese market. Within this framework, it facilitates various promotional activities, such as discount coupons on important dates for the Chinese market, digital posters at ICBC China branches or notes on Argentine products within ICBC China channels. “It is about taking advantage of the platform as a showcase to the world and being able to show the product in all its ranges,” said the Colomé executive.

“It is a very enriching experience: one learns and adapts to what the Asian market needs. Not only in the imprint and brand image, but also in the way of marketing ”, concluded Villamayor.

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