Tuesday, November 30

Iceland mocks Facebook and Zuckerberg: presents the Icelandverse | Digital Trends Spanish

Iceland wants to give a boost to its tourism industry, which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. And for this, nothing better than making fun of Mark Zuckerberg and the metaverse through an ad in which they talk about the Icelandverse.

The ad was posted by Inspired by Iceland, the tourism organization of the European country, on their social networks. This one shows a character inspired by Mark Zuckerberg, which is evident not only by how he looks, but also by how he expresses himself, with phrases read almost robotically and looking at the camera in a very strange way.

“In the Islandiverse everything is real and has been for thousands of years,” says Zack Mossbergsson, the Chief Visionary Officer of the Icelandverse. “It is completely immersive, the water is wet and there are humans to connect with.”

While the video is humorous in tone, it does a good job of highlighting Iceland’s natural wonders, ranging from flora and fauna to what happens in the sky with the northern lights or ground level with geysers and waterfalls. , including the largest in the world, which is under the ocean. And the best thing is that to be able to see all that “it is not necessary to look strange wearing a virtual reality helmet”, say the Icelanders.

The parody does not seem to bother Mark Zuckerberg, quite the contrary. The founder of Facebook left a comment on the Icelandverso post in the same social network, where he assured that he will soon have to visit the place and congratulate Zack Mossbergsson for using sunscreen.

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