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If 360 Hz is not enough, there is always more: this monitor is the first to reach 500 Hz refresh rate

Currently, the most ambitious gaming monitors offer refresh rates of 240 or 360 Hz, however, there are companies that are already working on taking this feature to new limits. BOE, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD, LED and OLED panels, has announced that has managed to exceed the refresh rate of 500 Hz in your last viewing pane.

The advances of BOE in this matter translate into a 27-inch monitor prototype with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). This has a color depth of 8 bits, a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of over 500 Hz. The company claims that it has managed to increase the frame rate thanks to a high mobility oxide technology.

We would reach 500 Hz, but at 1080p

In relation to the characteristics mentioned above, one of the disadvantages of monitors with high refresh rates is that they can be achieved at relatively low resolutions for these times. Like today’s 360Hz monitors like the ASUS ROG Swift, BOE’s prototype can’t go beyond 1080p with its 500Hz.

The manufacturer does not provide too many details about the panel technology of its prototype. However, he assures that he has made “important progress” that has allowed him to overcome the Obstacles to mass production of copper interconnect stack structures, i.e., the backbone that brings highly mobile oxide display technology to life.

According to a report from, BOE would be using its technology in a screen LCD TFT, which in addition to increasing the frame rate would reduce power consumption by up to 15%. The latter is an interesting feature, since the higher the refresh rate, the monitors tend to consume more energy.

Boe Monitor 500 Hz 1

At the moment it is not known if BOE will manufacture a 500 Hz monitor for the consumer market. However, should this happen, it will only be part of the equation. On the other hand, the right content is required to take advantage of it and powerful enough graphics cards. In addition, a point to take into account will also be the price, since they may not be cheap at all.

For now, everything seems to indicate that before the 500 Hz monitors see the light, 480 Hz will arrive. Manufacturers such as AU Optronics such as LG Display are developing display panels with these features. According to TFTCentral reporting, at the end of this year the conditions would be given to start mass production and the first units would reach the market in 2023.

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