Thursday, July 29

If it looks like an assault on power …

The climb is already sprinting. The symptoms that had been warning acquire a clear acceleration. The Constitutional Court as the spearhead at this time ruled that the state of alarm and the consequent confinement at the beginning of the pandemic – although it does not dispute its need – was illegal. Covid-19 brought the first global stoppage of activity in history to prevent the spread of infections and the Spanish judicial exception will be the only one that considers the measure unconstitutional. Giving the note one more time. And at the request of Vox. Now. Because the far-right party asked for it and voted for it at the time. Same as the PP of Casado.

They are essential data to assess the worrying photo of what is happening in Spain. And at a time when the pandemic is intensifying again in our country and in the world. Here the incidence again exceeds 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, hospital admissions have doubled in two weeks and health professionals are very concerned. The relaxation of the measures, the new variants and the being still far from group immunity with vaccination, maintain this panorama today.

The Constitutional Court believes – by a tight margin of 6 to 5 – that the state of exception should have been applied. It is the alarm that fit then, according to the law, because “there was a health crisis” and not an alteration of public order that affected “the normal functioning of democratic institutions” as required by the state of exception, which, yes, cuts rights and freedoms in a big way. Javier Pérez Royo, professor of the matter, explains it perfectly and, like other experts, warns of dangerous intentions in this sentence.

It does not take much knowledge of law, however, to see that something strange happens in Spain when no country has dared to declare illegal a measure that saved, without a doubt, thousands of lives. The data indicated by the new justice minister (450,000 lives) comes from a study carried out in eleven European countries and published in the journal Nature in June 2020. It claimed that the specific confinement had prevented more than 3 million deaths from Covid-19 in the world; about 450,000 in Spain. It matched the figures from other studies here. Of course it is an estimate, but it is purely logical that if the main route of contagion is aerosols, physical proximity, confinement, it would work. And so it has continued to be and is as long as the rules are maintained, despite the fatigue of the pandemic.

The evidence indicates how expensive it is to prioritize the stock market over life. And they target ultra-liberal and far-right leaders who adhere to that criterion. Donald Trump evaded drastic measures at first so as not to damage the economy. He considered 200,000 coronavirus deaths an affordable price to pay. The worst thing is that there have been more than 600,000. And thank goodness that the arrival of Biden stopped the drift because the new American president faced very seriously applying effective measures. Bolsonaro, in Brazil, has been even worse because Covid-19 has wiped out more than half a million people. The Johns Hopkins University – which has been providing the most reliable data since the beginning – attributes 81,000 deaths from Covid-19 to Spain, but the general figure bursts in Madrid and has notable peculiarities in Spain.

Due to coronavirus and neglect of other ailments due to saturation and previous cuts in Health, Spain registered in 2020 the highest mortality figure in a century and Madrid was the sad champion with more than 40% of that excess over the average of Spain which was 17%. The rest, with the political and media sale of the ayusism, you already know it. These attitudes take their toll and therefore require a more applied marketing. What happens is that in savage liberalism – and even more so if it comes full of corruption – when the poor who spend or unproductive die who, in addition to spending, do not generate benefits, it does not cause them any greater problem.

The data was collected and linked in the book “La Bolsa o la Vida” (Roca Editorial 2021) and also those of the political pandemic. Pablo Casado has dared to accuse the Government for not respecting the ruling of the Constitutional Court, after having been entrenched for almost three years without renewing the Judicial Power, which obviously favors him. But he has also said, following that ad hoc sentence, “Pedro Sánchez used the pandemic to extend his power”, that it was “an abuse of power” when what the TC says is that it fell short, that it should have applied the exception, which is absolutely restrictive. And Casado says it when there has not been a more miserable opposition in the world than the Spanish. They took advantage of the pandemic to harm the whole of society by stopping at nothing to bring down the government. And now they go back to fishing in the river that has upset the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

They voted for the successive extensions of the state of alarm (until Pablo Casado preferred to stop doing so) at an unbearable cost. What Pedro Sánchez or Pablo Iglesias heard to move the vote forward shocked millions of people who did not believe that use of Congress. ETA and Paracuellos mentioned, they said that “the left secularly despises homosexuals” and the like, nothing to do with health. On May 31 – in a government control session – the then spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo called Vice President Iglesias almost without breathing: “radical hypocrite, disciple of the ayatollahs and son of Chávez and Maduro, visceral racist, scarecrow of investors, fatuous, liar, charismatic caudillito, dandruff and son of a terrorist “. The latter prompted a lawsuit. The PP accused Sánchez of having established “a constitutional dictatorship” already – after endorsing the one that was taking place in Hungary. And you see, now it has been Vox and the expired TC that are signed up.

The ruling of the Provincial Court of Madrid that admits the Vox electoral poster with the lies about what they call “menas” already gave clues. It’s a scary chain actually. And it is already being announced as inevitable that “the Constitutional ruling on the confinement anticipates a total war of the right against the Government.” It is so, but this phrase is loaded with shrapnel. We are accepting, apparently, that the media and justice do politics and extreme right. And all this while the sewers burst at the same time in the courts.

Donald Trump organized the legal establishment almost like the PP in Spain. Since he came to office, he has managed to make more appointments than his predecessors in many years and has managed to have 6 conservative judges on the Supreme Court compared to 3 progressives in the greatest gap in American history since the turbulent 1930s. And two things have happened: that Some of them have made their dignity as magistrates prevail over their political orientation and that Biden is trying to expand the Supreme Court, the highest court, the judiciary there, to conjure up Trump’s ruse.

Do something, you can. And, ultimately, there is always the most real and pragmatic vision of the problem. The journalist Javier Valenzuela explained it: “They play a game of American football, we a game of tennis on the English field. When they kick us in the shin, we call the referee, he shrugs,” Valenzuela said if you remember. Now no longer, now the referee agrees with them.

Either we learn to play with the same weapons, marking the rules and in our field, or we are going to eat the ball somewhere in the shade. Because if this seems like an assault on power by means other than the ballot box in a land strewn with mines and with Big Brother screens (Orwell’s of course), it is just that we are not in a moment of the greatest democratic beauty.

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