Friday, February 3

If people found Bitcoin forgotten, they would be happy, says CNN Brasil journalist

The Central Bank of Brazil launched a system to find forgotten values, but for a CNN journalist, if it was with Bitcoin, people would be happy.

Called the Values ​​Receivable System (SVR), the platform will allow Brazilians to find money they may have left on platforms. Investments in forgotten banks can also be found.

The tool was launched in conjunction with the traditional financial system by the municipality that controls the national money, and it will certainly help people find their funds. Even so, finding Real does not compare to finding Bitcoin.

Find forgotten values ​​in Real or Bitcoin? Investors would be happy, says CNN Brasil journalist

This Tuesday (25), with the launch of Bacen’s solution, CNN Brasil Bussiness prepared a special article on the subject.

And at one point in the explanation, the system that barely launched has already crashed due to the high demand of users who want to know if they have forgotten values, journalist Priscila Yazbek commented that if people found forgotten Bitcoin they would be happy.

“There are many people who, for example, had a Bitcoin token in the past and forgot, today they would be a billionaire and can no longer redeem it. So, the Central Bank there helping investors who may have forgotten their investments. If Bitcoin ones had this service they would be very happy now too.”

Journalist Daniel Adjuto also agreed with the colleague’s speech and joked that it is better not to know that you have a lost Bitcoin, as it is worth a fortune today.

This afternoon, Livecoins tried to access the BCB website, but it remains offline due to the high demand of Brazilians in search of the service.

System Amounts Receivable from the Central Bank of Brazil is unavailable for consultation on the day of launch / Reproduction

20% of all bitcoins were forgotten by their owners?

In January 2021, before the big highs of that year, data suggested that 20% of all bitcoins were lost forever.

Certainly the account is controversial and can be approached in several ways, but the fact is that addresses that have not been moved for many years are considered dormant. Thus, it is unknown if they belong to people who are waiting to tinker with the digital pot of gold, or if they have been totally forgotten.

Anyway, it is important to understand that as a currency, even a forgotten one, the Brazilian Real has not had returns over the years, simultaneously with the movement of losing a lot of money.

Bitcoin, created in 2009, only increased in price and each 1 digital currency is now worth R$ 205 thousand in reais. Despite this, as it is a decentralized currency, Bitcoin will hardly see a value recovery system like the one created by Brazil, because each person with their private address is the only true owner of the money, not third parties.