Tuesday, July 5

If they bark, ride

It seems that, finally, the Government begins to remove complexes. To govern without so much fear of the conservative pack. To behave like a progressive government. To do things for which they were voted. To make difficult decisions. To govern, go. This Tuesday he will approve the pardons despite the fire of the political and media Brunete. Last week it was proposed to raise the minimum wage again against the apocalyptic forecasts of the Bank of Spain. Oh surprise, neither the country breaks nor the streets catch fire.

On the contrary, even employers and priests breathe a sigh of relief for Catalonia and workers dream of doing so if wages rise. When the Government does not succumb to the gestures of the extreme right or feed it with its doubts, when it remains firm in its convictions and its decisions, people are grateful that they try to fix the problems and that they leave them alone. The case of pardons is a good barometer of how the government should conduct itself. The rightists said that Troy was going to burn, but those who have been burned have been those of the torches.

In a week, the entire strategy of Casado and Abascal against the grace measure has collapsed. Columbus’s balloon was punctured like a beach ball, the collection of signatures ended in cable collection, the company and the Catalan Church celebrated that the knot was untied, then the head of the Spanish businessmen and the motion of the PP joined against pardons in Congress was rejected by 190 deputies. Now it is not only the Government, it is the representatives of the majority of the country who approve the pardon of Catalan prisoners. Married continues err that err because when he takes a boundary he does not let go of it, but it is more sad than his career grades.

The conclusion is crystal clear, as the other said. When the left tries to please the right, it does not please anyone, it disappoints its voters and abandons the majority. The carcundia is a very noisy minority because it has the centralist media on its side, infiltrated into social gatherings and infected networks of hired workers. But they do not represent the majority of the country that, let us remember, voted the most plural Parliament and the most progressive government of democracy. We must not take a step back from those who want to turn the country back. On the contrary, you have to move forward to leave them behind.

What the government has to do is much more than it has done. They said that now that the pandemic is over, the legislature really begins: well, let it be noticed, make up for lost time. That they keep their promises. End the labor reform and gag laws, regulate the price of rents, solve the problem of housing and precariousness, bring the minimum vital income to those who are not receiving it, force to lower the price of electricity.

They have made the Celáa law, the energy transition law, the increase in the SMI or the control of the advertising of the game, but they are all timid reforms. They could be bolder. The same courage that they have shown with the pardons, they should show against the oligopoly of the electricity companies that the PSOE and PP privatized. The energy market and the urban market can be intervened as they intervene in the labor market to raise the minimum wage. If they want, they can. If they bark, ride. Do not fold before those above or fold before the right. Rule for the people. That is what they have been voted for.