Thursday, July 7

If you don’t like the way I am, grow up

The phrase, “if you don’t like the way I am, grow up”, belongs to the work “A moonless night“by Juan Diego Botto, full of resounding ideas. They did not like democratic Spain, they did not like Federico García Lorca. And they canceled it. Expediently. And thousands of other people. In a cluster of wit, and between laughter and tears that At times they flow together, we witness the portrait of the Spain that was and is. It is. The one that has not yet grown, evolved. That of the courage that opposes them and they always want to cover, erase, exclude. The courage that with marked determination they wanted to silence.

The overgrown Spanish right walks along the edge that already borders the abyss. The crusade today is the pardons to the prisoners condemned in the course of the Catalan procés. The week has them with the wind against. Sunday’s ultra celebration backfired. They spread through Congress and the media. They intensify with the visit of the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, to Barcelona. The same day a “report” from the Civil Guard is “filtered” that El Mundo and La Razón carry on the front page, even with photos of supposed arsenals. The Catalan CDRs have long been in their sights and they already had to exonerate them a couple of years ago after making them suffer an ordeal.

The reality is that, as one essential journalist detailed: Miguel Angel Campos of Cadena SER, the one presented as a suspect is because of his searches on Google! Not a document, not a conversation, nothing! This is the tragedy of this country, that amalgam that works on its hoaxes and remains unpunished time and time again. By the way, reading this “news” reminded me that we still do not know who sent the threatening letters, with bullets included, to Pablo Iglesias, Marlaska and other charges. They were serious and have fallen into limbo.

Pablo Casado had to swallow in Barcelona that they do not support his latest crusade for personal salvation – fighting with pardons – neither the CEOE businessmen, nor the unions, nor the Catalan bishops, nor the majority of Congress. Sanity is being imposed to seek solutions and harmony, it is already well of the confrontations on which the Spanish right is based. Today the usual media continue to charge on their covers, unavailable to discouragement. The machinery, although obsolete, is well oiled.

Anyway, what happens in Spain today, also today, is not understood. The judicial process for the corruption of the PP throws confirmations of such caliber that in any serious country, with a press that reported all and a justice that unanimously acted with rectitude … it would end the PP governed by a manager in view of its regeneration. The problem is the number of people involved in this continuing as it is despite the efforts of those who do carry out their work in justice, journalism or politics.

We are talking about the PP that erased the cameras of its headquarters to obstruct the investigation of box b, according to Villarejo’s agendas with data from 68 cameras. With Villar Mir, one of his favorite businessmen, going up and down with briefcases. With the most skillful of his managers, Mariano Rajoy, involved in the flour under investigation and his right hand, María Dolores de Cospedal, already charged. Although the exculpation and the invocation of the presumption of innocence should serve it with the PP card, all this is more than too much. The last, this Friday afternoon, the exclusive of Bárcenas ordered from prison to destroy the recording that he had made of Rajoy on box B of the PP. A handwritten note from the former treasurer has been seized instructing another prisoner on how to do so.

And yet there they are setting guidelines. Today the PP does not have any moral authority and less on legalities precisely that do not seem to be the area of ​​its predilection. And the media that persist in washing the voice of this party do not have it or go to unprecedented lengths of lies in search of their interests.

President Isabel Díaz Ayuso comes out with the harmonious support of the extreme right-wing Vox, which demands that she repeal “the ultra-left laws” on gender violence and LGTB and insults the deputy of United Podemos Serigne Mbayé. Ayuso supports her and also insults the entire left. Ayuso, the manager of large companies, the Robin Hood of the rich, the one that even in its star measure – the promotion of the birth rate – “hides a xenophobic, nationalist background that must be denounced”, summarized Ignacio Escolar. The final fireworks of his investiture has been of this caliber to which, in justice, no other comment can be opposed than this:

It’s not understood. Or if. Madrid was the community with the highest excess of deaths in the year of the pandemic. Disproportionate on the whole. 41.17%, with 19,418 deaths more than in 2019. The Spanish average was 17.7%. There are the far from innocent figures and the applied priorities. As documented by the journalist Manuel Rico, data from the Ayuso Government itself reveal that 7,291 older people died in Madrid at their residence without being transferred to a hospital. Neither did the nursing homes have adequate medical equipment, nor was anything done because they had it. And not only did it kill the coronavirus, but other illnesses poorly treated by the saturation of the system, previously cut back for decades.

Perhaps it is understood that Ayuso revalidates his position. Because people – these policies have two million people with them, no less, no more – buy that they were older and had to die. Better the elderly and unproductive right? Like the Nazis. Until the palliative management has just privatized Madrid for more than four million euros. Poor people, given the trajectory.

And they are going to abolish Primary Care centers “ah, but not mine, because it is specialized.” And death, directly death. But “it has not happened to me and mine.” And, some add, “but it has saved the bars.” Because those people don’t care about the lives of others, just like the politicians they elect. What is decisive today are these, those who have not grown but inhumanity with them. Those who say they love Spain and hate half the Spanish. Remember that that individual with a pistol is still so excited that, in conversation with other colleagues, he proposed to shoot 26 million citizens.

And yet, on the magical afternoon of the premiere in Madrid of “Una noche sin luna”, Juan Diego Botto and the entire team led by Peris-Mencheta, and even the excited attendees, reminded us that Spain had and has bravely and unequivocally Democrats. They try to erase them but they can’t. That memory keeps them alive. That, if dark moonless nights cut down some voices, their words are still alive. And that the moon is there even though it cannot be seen. And it enlightens the stubborn persevering who, today as yesterday, keep the flame in spite of the fact that sometimes the work seems extremely difficult.