Thursday, October 28

Igea believes that “someone is interested” and “moves the rumor” of the electoral advance in Castilla y León

The vice president and spokesman of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has pointed out that someone “has an interest and moves the rumor” of the electoral advance in Castilla y León, although he has not specified who. This “interest” to which Igea has alluded would be “completely alien” to the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and the coalition government, as Igea has expressed to the media this Sunday.

Igea has assured that the regional government “has changed things” and now “there are things that no longer happen”, but has avoided specifying. “There are people for whom this takes a long time, but the Board is not going to serve the interests of a few,” the regional vice president has warned. For Francisco Igea, changes “always generate resistance.”

During his visit to La Mudarra (Valladolid), Francisco Igea described it as “completely absurd” that an electoral advance should be considered “just at the moment when effective management is necessary.” In addition, he has trusted the word that – he says – has given him Mañueco that he will not dissolve the Cortes and call the elections. “I have the word of the president, which is much more than absolute certainty. I do not need more certainty than his word, it is enough,” he said.

Igea recalled that Ciudadanos and the Popular Party have been “loyal partners to each other” and that the government is working “wonderfully”, with “good results” and an ability to “change the numbers and trends clearly for the better.” He has also guaranteed that they will end the legislature in 2023. “This is what we promised to the citizens and that is how we are going to fulfill it,” he confided.

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