Wednesday, December 6

Igea claims that the first debate be delayed so that it is face-to-face and in “equal conditions” after its positive in COVID-19

The former vice president and candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León for Ciudadanos, Francisco Igea, has called this Saturday, through his twitter account, for a “face-to-face” debate. Igea reported on Friday night that he was positive for COViD-19, which forces him to remain in isolation for 7 days, which prevents his presence in the TVE debate next Monday.

In his message, he assures that he has spent the night well, although with the symptoms of “a trancazo”. “We are going to see if we can hold the face-to-face debate, we believe that it is the best, we believe that there is time”, she commented. According to Igea, “the most sensible thing for citizens” is that they watch a debate “on equal terms.” Thus, he adds that there are “two weeks of campaign ahead” and that the quarantine is seven days, so “the most reasonable thing is for the debate to be held on equal terms” because “there is plenty of time and the citizens they deserve a fair and equal debate” in which “attempts should be made to hurry up all the possibilities so that the debate takes place between the three candidates with a physical presence”. Igea has communicated his opinion to his campaign team and will also contact the rest of the candidates.

The Ciudadanos candidate, Francisco Igea, explained to that his intention is that the debate scheduled for next Monday be moved to another date so that he can be present. Igea has also specified that, although he is fine, he does not know how he will be on Monday and it is “a total inequality”.

RTVE, organizer of this first debate, is already in contact with the other two PSOE and PP parties, to assess whether or not to change the date. The Electoral Board of Castilla y León has already ruled on the possibilities that existed in the event that a positive result was given among the three participants: either that they participate electronically or that the date of the debate be changed. In addition, it was made clear that there is no possibility that the parties choose to send a representative of the candidate.