Friday, September 24

Igea: “Mañueco has made a strategic mistake, I’m upset, but I’m not going to break the pact with the PP”

The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea (Citizens), assured this Tuesday that the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP) “has made a strategic mistake” by voting in favor of the socialist NLP to withdraw the plan of reform of the Primary Care of the Ministry of Health and that, although it is “upset” it will not break the pact with the PP. Igea has appeared at a press conference accompanied by all the councilors of his party (Verónica Casado, from Health, Javier Ortega, from Culture, and Carlota Amigo, from Employment) and the spokesperson for the parliamentary group, David Castaño.

“I will not betray my government partner in one afternoon or one night,” he warned. However, despite this message of stability from the government, he stressed that the agreement was reached “with a distribution of tasks and ministries” and that Health is in the hands of Verónica Casado, who, Igea assures, “is not going to resign.” Neither did he. The vice president has acknowledged that he knew the intention of the president, and therefore the entire Popular Parliamentary Group, to align himself with the PSOE, at the same moment in which he said it in the Plenary of the Cortes, and not before and that it will be the PP the one who has to give explanations. He has vindicated an “adult policy” in which annoyance cannot end the breaking of the pact and has affirmed that it is not so “malicious” as to consider that Mañueco’s move would seek the break using Casado as a scapegoat.

“I appear to do what I have been doing for two years, to do my homework. And my job is to be the government’s spokesperson, and defend the government’s action. They have seen me do it when the Ministry of Family, Education, was attacked. when the president was attacked, when the motion of censure was presented … no one can say that he has not defended with conviction and ardor the work of this Government. Yesterday and today we are seeing the headlines, there is a questioning that we have an obligation to clarify, “he said. According to Igea, the socialist NLP to withdraw the Primary Care reform plan “starts from false premises”, since the plan in which it has been working since the legislature began “has not been approved by the Government Council” and what there is is “a working document”. Thus, he commented that Ciudadanos has abstained in the vote instead of voting against because “the nonsense was such that it was not worthwhile or the vote against.” Regarding the favorable vote of the PP, he does not qualify it as “nonsense” but as a “strategic error”.

“The PP has voted in favor and it is not good news, if not, we would not be here today.” It would be childish if we originated a crisis. It is an understandable political error, it is minimal, it is an error to agree with the most sanchista PSOE there is, which is not going anywhere, we have seen how long it takes to sit down and get up, “he criticized. Igea has defended his right to disagree . “I have not married Mr. Manueco, I think it is a strategic error. We have four ministries, we mark in our ministries, it does not occur to me to mark forest policy “.


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