Thursday, February 2

Igea reveals a conversation with the imputed president of the PP of Salamanca

“Paco, you know that I did what I did because whoever asked me to do it.” That was the conversation that the president of the PP of Salamanca and president of the Charro Provincial Council, Javier Iglesias, had with the then vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea.

This is what Igea himself has reported this Sunday in front of the Salamanca Courts to which Javier Iglesias will have to go tomorrow as accused of alleged illegal financing of the party in 2017, during the primaries that the current president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández, finally won. manueco. In November, the Investigating Judge number 2 of Salamanca charged the PP of Salamanca, Javier Iglesias and the manager of the PP, Isabel Sánchez González.

Days after the judge charged Javier Iglesias, Igea and the ‘popular’ met at a funeral home, where he personally warned him of what he had already commented in public to the press and in private to the regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. “I told the president [Mañueco]: ‘If this goes one step further and goes beyond the previous proceedings, Javier has to stop’. And the [Mañueco] He told me: ‘Sure, of course. Our agreement says [de gobierno] and the statutes of the PP'”. This is how Igea explained what his conversation with Mañueco was like. However, assures the Ciudadanos candidate for the Presidency, there things “began to be a little more difficult”.

The conversation with Javier Iglesias was similar: “I told him: ‘Look, Javier. If this goes one step further, you know you have to stop.’ And he looked at me and said: ‘Paco, you know I did what I did because whoever asked me to.’ And that’s where our conversation ended.” Igea has challenged Mañueco to accompany Javier Iglesias to court tomorrow, Monday, as he would do if he went with Ciudadanos and was “sure” that what happened was legal. “If I was sure of what I did, and I think my party was honest, I would accompany Javier [Iglesias]. Because we are not like them. I don’t know who will come tomorrow, but I imagine that he will come alone, he will go alone and he will assume what he has to assume if the judge so decides,” Igea concluded.

The Ciudadanos candidate for the President of the Junta de Castilla y León has maintained the importance of the presumption of innocence, although he has been “concerned” that this judicial investigation is “behind the decision to advance elections.” In addition, it has conditioned its support for the PP or the PSOE to govern so that the Transparency Law, the Office for the Fight against Fraud and the end of appraisals are approved “urgently” in the first session of the Courts of Castile and León. These issues were being debated in parliament committees before Mañueco called elections.

The deputy spokesman in the Citizens’ Congress, Edmundo Bal, has assured that “corruption and a judge” have called these elections, which will be held on February 13. Bal has valued the work of Citizens these two and a half years and that of Igea, who “defended the fight against corruption”, something that “annoys” the Popular Party. “Mañueco was not afraid that the government would break up, but rather that it would continue,” said Bal, who describes his party as “essential” so as not to take “steps back from a single-color government with patronage networks, handing out money to the Business”.