Sunday, October 1

Igea tests positive for COVID three days after the first televised debate and announces that he will campaign confined from home

The Ciudadanos candidate for the Castilla y León elections, Francisco Igea, has communicated that he is positive for COVID through a message on Twitter, at the start of the campaign for the elections in the autonomous community. “It is a campaign that is about the truth and we could not and should not behave differently from how we ask our fellow citizens,” said the leader of the orange formation in the region.

After the positive through an antigen test, Igea has indicated that it will communicate its contagion through the Sacyr connects application and will comply with quarantine. “We will be in the campaign from home, telematically, and we will try to participate in the second part with the intensity that it deserves,” he added.

Ciudadanos, which is positioned as the option to bipartisanship in Castilla y León, trusts Igea as its main asset, and is committed to the two mandatory debates that will be held in the coming days, the first of them this Monday. After the departure of the coalition government, which he formed together with the PP of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, the now former vice president assures that the popular will not have his votes again in these elections.

The celebration of the two mandatory debates by law between the parties with their own parliamentary group has become one of the most controversial issues of the campaign. The Electoral Board forced one of them, the one scheduled for this Monday, January 31, to be carried out by RTVE after the initial decision of the debate commission that it was only the private channel with public financing RTVCyL that produced the two, although finally it will only do so with the second debate scheduled for February 9. The disagreement on how RTVE will carry out the debate on Monday has caused the resignation of 18 of the 22 members of the media commission that organized them, from which the digital media were excluded from their participation. Most of the resigning media belong to the Edigrup and Promecal groups, which own 50% of RTVCyL.