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Iglesias reappears in Podemos and encourages his leadership to “accompany” Díaz in the construction of “a broad front”

Podemos has closed an “ideological rearmament meeting”, as defined by its Secretary General and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, defending that the future of the party passes through the political project in which Yolanda Díaz is working. “We must explain to the public that while the PSOE is the first force in the Government, advances in rights will be slower than what the people of our country demand of us,” he acknowledged.

The first negotiation between Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz: a tough one-on-one for the housing law

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The second vice president has been the great absentee from these meetings, which have been held since Thursday in Rivas Vaciamadrid under the title ‘Autumn Uni’, and which ministers such as Belarra have attended; the head of Consumption, Alberto Garzón; and that of Equality, Irene Montero. Former vice president Pablo Iglesias also attended the closing ceremony that took place this Sunday.

Iglesias has been received before a loud ovation from the militancy of the formation. In his speech he defended that the leadership of the party that gave him the relief is the “best” team they have had “ever”. “I am convinced that they will accompany Yolanda Díaz to build the broad front and continue to improve the lives of the people in our country,” he says.

After the electoral fall of Ciudadanos, Iglesias considers that political forces such as United Podemos, ERC or EH Bildu “have an unprecedented tactical position when it comes to guiding a series of crucial decisions.” For the former vice president, the “broad front” project has to stand on several legs to aspire to be “a social justice project.” Feminism and the republic are two of the keys for the former secretary general of the formation. Iglesias defends that the “republican identity of the future” must bet on “scrupulous respect for the institutional, national and linguistic diversity of Spain.”

In a key week for the coalition government, in which they have reached an agreement on budgets and on the housing law, Belarra has defended that United We “indicates the direction of the leadership of the State to the PSOE.” In one of the first major acts of the Minister of Social Rights as secretary general, after the departure of Iglesias in May, the leader of Podemos has exposed to her militancy the work that her training in the Government is carrying out. “We must explain to the public that while the PSOE is the first force in the Government, progress in rights will be slower than what the people of our country demand of us,” he acknowledged.

The challenges of the confederal group have also been present in the intervention of the secretary general, who stressed that Podemos must “work for a political space that grows”, under the leadership of Díaz. A new political project with which they aspire to “build” a “broad front” that “allows them to achieve the first position”.

“In Spain the wind of change has blown so hard that the economic elites have had no choice but to entrench themselves in the reactionary powers and in the extreme right of Vox. It is from that trench that they try to stop us and the last time has occurred this week, ”Belarra continued, lamenting the sentence to a month and a half in jail of Alberto Rodríguez’s deputy.

Faced with the upward spiral in the energy market, Belarra has defended the measures approved by the Government, among them, the withdrawal of “benefits to electricity companies to lower people’s electricity bills.” “I ask our partners not to waver, to be brave and defend these measures against the electricity oligopoly,” he pointed out. And he has directly challenged them: “Be brave, because I am sure that if we are brave, the citizens of our country will embrace us.”

To strengthen the welfare state, Podemos is committed to reaching 2030 with “a public company in each strategic economic sector,” explains its secretary general. In this way, they intend to combat “an oligopoly such as electricity.” “We need strategic sectors under democratic control and at the service of the general interest. We need a public pharmaceutical company to reduce healthcare spending and invest in the advances that our health really needs ”, he points out.

Taking advantage of the recent agreement reached by the Government after also reaching a consensus on the housing law, Belarra is committed to “stopping the invasion of our economy by investment funds.” “We must stop this process and prohibit public services from ending up in the hands of these funds. We have already seen what happened in the residences of the elderly in our country when it is allowed to do business with the fundamental rights of our people ”, he says.

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