Tuesday, February 27

Iglesias shows his support for Inma Nieto, Yolanda Díaz and Errejón: “If people on the left mobilize, there will be a decent government”

The former leader of United We Can and former Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has sent this midday a message of support to Por Andalucía from Cádiz, where he presents his latest book, Verdades a la cara, and has stressed that if people on the left mobilize, after the elections there will be a decent government.”

Yolanda Díaz: “I am willing to take a step to win Spain”

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The founder of Podemos, who has not formally participated in the electoral campaigns since he left the political front line after the May 2021 elections in Madrid, has come out to defend the Por Andalucía project and its candidate Inma Nieto. “These are campaign days in Andalusia and I wanted, first of all, to send all my support and all my love to the militancy of Por Andalucía and all the organizations that are working hard in this campaign. All my support and all my love for Inma Nieto, the candidate, she did very well in the debate, she is doing very well and I want to give a few words of recognition to her”, Iglesias highlighted in the presentation of her book.

Next, Iglesias has also conveyed his support and affection to the rest of his colleagues who work on that Andalusian candidacy and has explicitly referred to Íñigo Errejón, who this Sunday has starred in his first rally with Yolanda Díaz, and of whom Iglesias was very distanced since he left Podemos to form a platform together with Manuela Carmena and be a candidate for the Community of Madrid in 2019. “Also, of course, all my support and my love for the colleagues who are at the central rally of Por Andalucía in Malaga, to Yolanda Díaz, Iñigo Errejón and all the comrades who are there, I believe that if people on the left mobilize, after the elections there will be a decent government”, he said.

This Saturday, Yolanda Díaz shared the stage with the candidate for Por Andalucía at the La Axerquía amphitheater in Córdoba: “Yes, I am willing to take a step to win Spain, but I ask you: are you willing to fight for Andalusia?” . The assistants reacted with a long ‘yes’. “I know very well where I come from and, even if I am Galician, I know very well where I am going”, she remarked, cheered with shouts of “to the Government, to Moncloa!”.

For many, this was Yolanda Díaz’s first rally as a candidate for the presidency of the Government of Spain, announced from the platform of the left-wing coalition Por Andalucía. It is also her first meeting with Podemos and her general secretary, Ione Belarra, with whom she merged into a hug.