Wednesday, February 21

Iglesias: “The PSOE does not understand that agreeing with the right is accepting Trojan horses”

Pablo Iglesias has starred this Sunday in León in a colloquium on ‘Political corruption and institutional propaganda’, accompanied by the United We Can candidate for the presidency of Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández, and the number two candidate for León, Pilar González.

The former Vice President of the Government indicated at the beginning of his speech that he was not going “to give a rally”, but “to give a class on classical mythology”. Thus began his dissertation, recalling the myth of the Trojan horse and citing Virgil and The Aeneid because “knowing classical mythology, more is taught about politics than many administration and political communication courses”: “I fear the Greeks even when they come with gifts “.

Iglesias has drawn from mythology to criticize the Government and the vote on the labor reform, saved by an error by a PP deputy. He has assured that “variable geometry means agreeing with the right” and that the vote and agreement on the reform “left-wing political forces were able to fight each other and that a tamayazo was only saved by a miracle.”

The former leader of Podemos assured that “the Trojan companions of the PSOE have not fully understood that agreeing with the right, even if you call it variable geometry, is accepting Trojan horses”, alluding directly to Pedro Sánchez. Iglesias believes that “There are more and more Castilians and Leonese who are going to vote for those who tell the truth, do not deal with snakes and do not accept Trojan horses.”

According to Iglesias, in this electoral campaign in Castilla y León there has not been much talk about two issues: the controversy of the regional electoral debates and the cases of corruption associated with the Popular Party, relating both issues. The former leader of United We Can has read during his speech various information from or El País with allusions to the main communication groups in Castilla y León, in the hands of businessmen José Luis Ulibarri and Antonio Miguel Méndez Pozo.

After the news, he left several questions in the air: “Can elections be clean if a good part of the media is in the hands of two builders convicted of their links with the PP?” Or “if the Board buys those media outlets with institutional advertising, is it possible that these outlets have the opportunity to talk about the cases of corruption that affect Mañueco?”

Pablo Fernández criticizes the ‘trumpist’ drift of the PP

The United We Can candidate in Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández, thanked Pablo Iglesias for his presence this Sunday, considering that with his actions “he shows that not all politicians are the same.” Fernández has dedicated his speech to breaking down the main cases of corruption that affect the PP such as Perla Negra, the Wind Plot or the case of the Primaries of the PP in Salamanca, blaming the electoral call “because Mañueco wants to avoid the judicial harassment that they are subdued.”

“The PP is corruption, it has made corruption a form of government, weaving those patronage networks and bosses that what happens here is that the PP does not govern for the citizens but for a series of leading and privileged businessmen”, has insured.

Pablo Fernández believes that the PP has given in to a “worrying Trumpist drift” after what happened with the vote on the labor reform, “the PP with a human error instead of recognizing it and assuming it has turned it into hoaxes and lies that what What they do is try to delegitimize the institutions and they constitute a real danger to democracy”.

The also national spokesman for Podemos points out that “this behavior has been encouraged by certain right-wing media outlets, and the problem is not that they are right-wing, the problem is that they systematically lie and that is also a form of corruption and delegitimizes our democracy itself.