Friday, September 30

Ignacio Aguado leaves Ciudadanos with criticism of Arrimadas for not resigning and “running forward”

Ignacio Aguado abandoned politics a year ago and has now decided to also abandon his militancy in Ciudadanos. The former vice president of the Community of Madrid and top regional leader of the party until the last regional elections in May 2021, in which he was relegated as a candidate by the deputy spokesman for the parliamentary group in Congress, Edmundo Bal, announced this Monday in his Twtter account that he unsubscribes from what has been his party for nine years. In his farewell message he explains the reasons for his decision, accuses the state leader, Inés Arrimadas of “fleeing forward” for not resigning after the recent and last debacle in Andalusia and says goodbye assuring that his time at Ciudadanos “ends today” . “But my love for Spain and my determination to bequeath to my son a country of free and equal citizens will continue to live forever,” he concluded.

In his letter, Aguado recalls that, after the Andalusian elections, when Ciudadanos disappeared from the autonomous Parliament, as happened to them in the Madrid Assembly, he already publicly requested the resignation of the entire national Executive and the convening of an Extraordinary Congress. But he has explained that these poor electoral results, together with those of Catalonia and Castilla y León, are “sufficient reason” for Arrimadas to resign immediately so that a “new direction and leadership” can be elucidated in an Extraordinary Assembly.

Aguado immediately reproaches that, far from assuming these responsibilities, Arrimadas and the leadership of Ciudadanos have undertaken “a flight forward”, which “he does not share”, “disguised as a refoundation” that in his opinion is not going anywhere.

In the opinion of the former vice president of the Community of Madrid, the “problem” is neither the ideas nor the founding principles of the party, but “the total absence of strategy, the wear and tear of the brand and the lack of a leadership capable of once again giving hope to voters.” “To remedy this, or at least try, a refoundation is not needed, but a Congress,” he points out in his farewell. In addition, he considers that this refoundation in such a case would have to be promoted by a new Executive and not by the same “that has been chaining one electoral failure after another for three years.” “Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like my petition or my arguments have had any kind of effect on those who have to make these decisions,” he adds, noting that it’s something he “really feels.”

Aguado acknowledges that he resigns as a member with “enormous sorrow” but also “with his head held high” and thanks both his colleagues and the Citizens voters for the trust they placed in him. “My time at Ciudadanos ends today, but my love for Spain and my determination to bequeath to my son a country of free and equal citizens will continue to live on forever,” concludes his letter.

Villacís and Bal “respect” his decision but remember that he had been out for a year

While Arrimadas was silent, his departure has been commented on by the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, with whom Aguado shared an electoral tandem in two regional elections. According to what he said during a visit to a market in the capital, he understands and “respects” that those who “do not feel comfortable” with the “liberal and centrist” project step aside and leave the party. She, he has insisted, will continue to defend those values ​​because she continues to believe that this is what our country and the city of Madrid need to prosper.

Shortly after, the spokesman for Congress, Edmundo Bal, who replaced him as a candidate a year ago after the sudden advancement of the Madrid regional elections by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, also commented on Aguado’s departure. In a press conference at the party’s headquarters, Bal said that he “respects” his decision and recalled that the former Madrid leader had been “out of politics” for more than a year. “Any member who leaves the party is relevant,” he pointed out. “I have a very good relationship with him and a certain friendship, and personally I am sorry that he is abandoning a project in which he has contributed so much since the founding of the party in Madrid”, he later pointed out.

However, he has minimized the consequences for the formation: “Like any affiliate, he has had the opportunity to transmit his opinions to the party leadership and he has done so, but if he unsubscribes, he loses that option.” “We continue to work for the people who stay in this project, among many others, these 2,000 members and sympathizers who have voluntarily signed up to participate in ideas,” he concluded.