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Ikea and House of Mafia want you to make music at home using a chair, a desk and… a record player | Digital Trends Spanish

Ikea has increasingly ventured into the realm of home audio with its Sonos-powered Symfonisk speakers and Eneby Bluetooth speaker collection. But the Swedish furniture maker has now decided that its next frontier is to help those who create music, and its solution is something of a head scratcher: a chair, a desk and a turntableall under the new moniker of Obegränsadwhich have been designed in conjunction with house music supergroup Sweedish House Mafia.

Ikea says the collection has the versatility to offer solutions for home settings whether you’re a music producer, DJ or musician, as well as providing solutions for simply relaxing and listening to music. “Design supports creation, play, enjoyment and even mood making,” says Swedish House Mafia.

But to my eyes, these new products look, well, just like a lot of Ikea’s other furniture offerings. The desk is minimal to a fault, and beyond a slide-out tray that Ikea says can be used for a midi keyboard, the only other real nod to it being a maker’s desk is the included speaker shelves that can be mounted on anywhere along the width of the desktop.

I’m guessing the Obegränsad chair isn’t meant to be used with the desk, given its reclined seat angle, but then how is it better for listening to music than any other chair the company sells? An official description doesn’t really help answer that question:

The Obegränsad armchair represents the perfect balance of form and function, which is central to this collaboration. The minimalist design creates pure elegance, the adjustable straps strengthen the functionality, allowing you to fine-tune the level of comfort. The armchair shows the part of the collection that supports the creation of a relaxing environment to enjoy your musical experience at home.

“Armchairs are a place to relax, to reflect, to get in the creative flow,” says James Futcher, creative lead at Ikea. “The Obegränsad armchair demonstrates the importance of comfort.”

Easily the most intriguing item in the collection is the Obegränsad record player. Unlike the furniture, Ikea has said very little about the turntable, other than that it “celebrates the timeless joy of the listening experience with vinyl records.” Oh, and it works with the Eneby speaker, so presumably that means it has Bluetooth of some description, but we don’t know for sure.

What we can tell from looking at the posted photos is that the turntable has an Audio-Technica cartridge, speed settings for 33/45 RPM records, and a set of RCA stereo outputs. It is not known if it will need a preamp to connect to an external set of speakers, or if it has a built-in speaker or speakers of its own.

Ikea hasn’t set prices on any of the Obegränsad products, but has said the collection will be available this fall.

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