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Ikea and Sonos present the new Symfonisk speaker line | Digital Trends Spanish

After launching the Symfonisk speaker table lamp in 2019, Ikea and Sonos are back with the second generation.

As it was leaked in early September, the lamp now features a smaller base and customizable design that offers more stand and shade options that are sold separately.

It is also compatible with a wider range of bulbs thanks to the addition of the bases for these E26 and E27.

“Since the launch of the first Symfonisk speaker table lamp we have learned a lot about how and where they are used. For example, a lot of people use the loudspeaker on a nightstand, ”says Ikea’s Stjepan Begic.

“We now also offer customers more design options, making the speaker lamp better suited to their homes,” he added.

Customers can now choose between a black or white version for the lamp base, and a textile or glass material for the lampshade, either black or white. The base of the lamp will cost $ 140, the textile shade $ 29 and the glass shade $ 39.

But that’s not all, in addition to changing its aesthetics, this line has also improved its hardware to deliver better sound. It includes an “acoustic architecture that uses a custom waveguide,” which will translate into great sound “from any angle,” according to Ikea and Sonos.

By connecting via Wi-Fi, the speaker lamp can be used as the only sound source in a room. It can also be paired with other Sonos products, such as those in the range Symfonisk, and it supports Apple’s wireless protocol, AirPlay2.

The new Symfonisk speaker lamp will be available in Ikea stores in the United States, its website and in select markets in Europe from October 12; the rest of the markets will arrive in 2022.

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