Friday, September 29

Ikea installs very fast EV chargers for its customers | Digital Trends Spanish

Ikea is trying to further improve its customer service and also give the planet a break, which is why in the United States it is implementing more than 200 new electric vehicle chargers in 18 states. The company it is also installing new chargers in its stores for electric trucks to make home deliveries.

“We want to do our part in creating low-carbon and breathable cities, where people and products can move in a convenient, affordable and sustainable way,” says Javier Quiñones, CEO and director of sustainability at IKEA US “This means allowing that people travel to our IKEA stores more sustainably and generate and use renewable energy at home.”

In some cities in Europe, Ikea is encouraging customers to avoid driving altogether: in Vienna, for example, a store that opened last fall was built no parking spotsin a neighborhood where it is easy to walk, bike or take public transportation.

In Germany, Ikea stores offer e-bike trailers that customers can rent via an app to bring items home; trailers can be attached to a customer’s bike or pulled by hand, as the electric motor helps transport the load.

Ikea will work with its partner Electrify America to add 150-kilowatt and 350-kilowatt “ultra-fast” chargers; while someone browses the store for 20 minutes, you could add 200 to 300 miles of driving range to your car.

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