Wednesday, October 27

Ikea turns your table into a wireless charging base | Digital Trends Spanish

From now on, a conventional table can become a useful and practical wireless charging base, so that our phone never runs out of battery.

It is a new invention from Ikea, the Sjömärke, which is a $ 40 Qi charger that sits under the table to transmit power to the device on the surface of the furniture.

This device can be installed on any table, be it a desk, a side table or a small nightstand.

The Sjömärke can be screwed or taped under plastic or wooden surfaces, which are between 8 and 22 millimeters thick.

You also need to be near an outlet to connect the charger, which has a 1.8 meter long cord. The Sjömärke charging base has an output power of 5 W.

In addition, this new charger incorporates a status LED and a temperature monitor, so that we can monitor the status of the device and the level of the charge at all times.

This new device presented by Ikea can be a useful solution that would allow us to charge our phone without the charger remaining visible.

It is worth mentioning that Ikea already has a whole line of furniture with built-in wireless charging. The novelty here is that the device allows any table to become a wireless charger.

The Sjömärke can be purchased from the Ikea website and is already available in some markets.

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