Wednesday, November 30

Ikea wants to sue horror video game | Digital Trends Spanish

The store swedish ikea wants to sue The Store is Closed, a video game that has been created by a small UK-based independent developer called Ziggy.

Why exactly?: The problem with this game is that the resemblance of the title store to that of the Swedish furniture chain is too close and therefore, the Scandinavians asked that all the graphics, colors, and lines be removed. furniture.

The Store is Closed’s Kickstarter is almost half funded!!

— Ziggy (@ZiggyGameDev) September 6, 2022

In the text of Cease and Desist, the lawyers comment that: “Their game uses a huge sign in yellow on blue with a name of Scandinavian origin. The building is shaped like a huge blue box. Store employees wear a blue and yellow vertical striped uniform identical to that of Ikea staff. The way for customers is marked by a gray corridor. The furniture in the game is quite similar to that of Ikea, and the internal signage of the store is very similar to that of Ikea. All of these details immediately suggest that the game takes place in an Ikea store.”

IKEA's lawyers contacted me about The Store is Closed.. #IndieGameDev #gamenews #Ikea

— Ziggy (@ZiggyGameDev) October 28, 2022

The Store is Closed It was being financed on Kickstarter and was about to be released in its final version for PC, Xbox Series X and PS5. “I was going to spend this last week of the campaign preparing the update for the alpha testers,” the developer complains on Twitter. “Now I have to modify the whole aspect of the game if I don’t want to be sued.”

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