Friday, December 3

Illa asks to meet with Aragonès to unlock Catalan budgets

The head of the opposition and leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, has addressed this Wednesday by letter to President Pere Aragonès to ask for an urgent meeting in which they can “unravel” the negotiation of the budgets. The socialist has made this request reminding the head of the Government that he is the representative of the party that won the elections last February. Illa has put in writing the offer that the PSC has been making for weeks to be able to support the budgets and after this Tuesday the CUP announced that it will present an amendment to the accounts in full.

“It is a sincere offer, I do not know if it is good for my training, but surely it is the most convenient for Catalonia,” Illa assured at a press conference. The Socialists offer their support to guarantee that the Generalitat can approve some accounts, but also with the aim of turning the direction of the Government of Pere Aragonès. As explained by the leader of the opposition, the negotiation that his group offers must revolve around five axes: reinforcing health, economic reconstruction, European funds, guaranteeing that no one is left behind and resources for equality policies.

The Socialists consider that in the first five months of this Executive’s career it has been shown that the independence bloc is broken and is unable to agree to approve the necessary measures, so it is necessary that there be a change of alliances. For this, Illa demands that the Government be clear when choosing between its support or continue negotiating with the CUP.

The proposal of the former Minister of Health continues in the line that the spokesperson of his party, Alicia Romero, already advanced on Tuesday, who declared the pro-independence majority broken and warned that the leadership of Aragonès was touched. “Today the parliamentary majority that supported the investiture of Pere Aragonès has been broken in a very clear way. The amendment to the entire CUP invalidates that majority,” said the PSC spokeswoman. “Today, therefore, what is being questioned is the credibility of Aragonès,” added Romero. The socialist also assured that for her party it was unavoidable that Catalonia could have new budgets, for which she requested the involvement of the president of the Generalitat.

For the moment, the Catalan Executive maintains that its priority continues to be the anti-capitalist party, with whom it held a meeting this Tuesday afternoon at the Palau. The CUP continues to maintain that it will present the amendment in full, but leaves the door open to withdraw it or even not vote on it next Monday, when the plenary session will be held to discuss whether the accounts are still being processed. In the meeting with the Government, the anti-capitalist representatives passed a new proposal with the five most important points for their formation to try to reach an agreement. For their part, the Aragonès and the Minister of Economy Jaume Giró stressed the will to understand each other with the CUP and asked them to specify their differences with the accounts.

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