Wednesday, September 27

Illa censures the “paralysis” of the Govern de Aragonès, “well below Pujol”

The leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, has defended this Sunday his “alternative government” against the “paralysis” and “self-complacency” of the one led by Pere Aragonès, whose level of competence, he has criticized, is “well below” the of the socialist José Montilla and the convergent Jordi Pujol.

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Illa has presented her political report at the National Council of the PSC, with a speech in which she has vindicated the Government of Pedro Sánchez and the role of the socialists in the search for “solutions” to the problems of citizens, while she has attacked the “sectarianism” of the Catalan executive, which is one year old, reports EFE.

In Illa’s opinion, the government led by the Republican Pere Aragonès for a year “is not going, nor will it go, because they are so much at war that it is impossible to put it back together” and the figure of the president has “a lot of room for improvement”. “The level of competence of the Government of the Generalitat is below that of Montilla and that of the Pujol government. But a lot is a lot, far below, ”he asserted.

In this sense, Illa has called for a Catalan government “of action, a little more self-demanding, that recognizes errors”, with more “ambition”, in the face of a Catalonia “closed in on itself” that “deceives itself with what is here, everything goes right”. Regarding the next municipal elections next year, Illa has asked to prepare them “serenely”: “We are not in a hurry”.

Illa has proclaimed that, “in absolute terms, the Government invests much more in Catalonia than the Generalitat” and, furthermore, with a “non-sectarian” attitude, as evidenced by the fact that non-socialist positions have been incorporated into the ministries, such as the former CiU minister Pere Macias, to supervise the Cercanías-Rodalies plan.

“Good politics is that of agreements, not confrontation, self-demanding and not victimization, shared and non-exclusive identities”, defended Salvador Illa, who asked himself: “Which Catalonia do we want, the one of lamentations or that of solutions, that of paralysis or that of action?”.

Illa congratulated herself on the management of the pegasus case of political espionage to the independence movement and for the PSC’s support for the agreement to reform the regulations on the use of languages ​​in schools: “Today, Spanish is the language of learning in education, so says the Consell of Statutory Guarantees”.

After criticizing that the Government promotes 80% of classes in Catalan at the university while refusing to set percentages in the primary, the socialist leader has pointed out that it is “one more contradiction in a government that is divided and has not just put okay never.”

Illa has also referred to the teachers’ strikes, to end up wondering if a party that “does not vote for labor reform and that denies talks to educational unions” can be defined as a left-wing party.