Wednesday, October 27

Illa opens to negotiate with the Government the Catalan budgets without previous conditions

The leader of the PSC in the Parliament, Salvador Illa, has reached out to the Government to negotiate the 2022 budgets without preconditions in case the Pere Aragonès executive does not reach an agreement with the CUP, its priority parliamentary partner.

“We cannot allow Catalonia to not have budgets,” Illa stressed in an interview with the EFE agency. The head of the opposition once again extends his hand to the Government to talk about the budgets, as he did in the last general policy debate, and now adds that he will not establish preconditions once the resignation of ERC and Junts to the unilateral way.

Illa stressed that with this offer, the PSC “puts the needs of the citizenry” before its “tactical or political convenience.” Illa’s words come after this week the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, announced that the Government will approve his budget project at the beginning of November.

For the former socialist minister, this forecast places Catalonia “in a risk zone”, since it implies that the Government will fail to comply with the deadline established by law – October 10 – to bring its budget project to Parliament. This delay, in his opinion, is especially reprehensible if one takes into account that the Government refused to approve budgets for 2021, arguing that there was not enough time after taking office in May.

“We do not have a closed stance. I do not want the ‘how much worse, the better’, and I think that, in a situation like the one we are experiencing, the attitude of confrontation by confrontation and of ‘no to everything’ is not the right thing to do. what people are asking for, “Illa argued, adding that his objective is for Catalonia to have some accounts” even if they are budgets with which we do not agree on some things. ”

Illa sees an urgent need for a new budget made “with rigor and pandemic criteria”, to ensure post-covid economic recovery and to guarantee that resources reach the groups most affected by the crisis derived from the pandemic.

The head of the opposition offers the collaboration of the Socialists if a pact with the CUP is not possible, which in recent weeks have expressed reluctance to facilitate the governance of the Aragonès executive by observing breaches of the investiture agreement.

The PSC had already reached out in the previous legislature, but then they demanded an explicit resignation to the unilateral way to sit down and talk about budgets. Now, Illa considers that this precondition is no longer necessary to make it explicit because the Government “has already renounced” the unilateral way to achieve independence.

The proof of this, he stressed, is in the speech given by Aragonès at his inauguration and also in the vote against a CUP resolution in the recent general policy debate, which called for an independence referendum before 2025.

He has also reflected on what role ERC should play in the negotiation of the general state budgets, which opens after the presentation this week of the Pedro Sánchez Government project and that Illa disassociates from the Catalan accounts. “Everyone who claims to be left and center-left I think will have few arguments not to support them,” he defended.

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