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Illustrator creates pokémon based on Mexican culture | Digital Trends Spanish

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Kundu del Castillo is a Mexican illustrator who, being a Pokémon fan, decided to design a world that mixed his own culture with his favorite video game. This is how he came up with the idea of ​​creating an entire ecosystem of pokémon based in Mexico.

Pokémon is such a popular franchise that it’s not uncommon to see fan-created designs on the internet, but Kundu’s have garnered attention. Tiktok, where he has 61.5 thousand followers. The reason is that their pokémon designs are complex and ingenious, and for many, they are even better than the most recent ones in the true saga.

In the fictional world of Kundu, the creatures live in a region called Jericalla. The initial plant type Pokémon is called Sadnion, and its evolutions are Goldnion and Plagenion. Sadnion is in the cemeteries where the Pumpkaboos roam, and when he is injured, his nervous system reminds him of sad moments, starting to cry a lot.


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♬ Pokémon – Route 2 – Jonas B. Ingebretsen

On the other hand, we have the Flareetle fire-type pokémon, whose evolutions are Ignarabath and Coleossuss. These creatures are peaceful, but they can accidentally set forest fires, spitting fire from their shells when sleeping or sneezing to prevent overheating.


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♬ Pokémon – Route 2 – Jonas B. Ingebretsen

Finally, we have the water-type pokémon: Somnium, and its evolutions are Obnobicle and Cosmopodus. Somnium is a kind of walking brain, as it has small interconnected brains on each limb. Since it takes up so much energy, this pokémon sleeps much of the time, but since its brain does not stop working, its dreams reflect its environment while it rests.


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Among other creatures designed by Kundu is Kidzal, a pokémon that evolves into Quetzahau and Clawtoani and is based on the Mesoamerican quetzal bird). There is also Xoltoy, a pokémon based on the xoloitzcuintle dog breed originally from Mexico, and Escamol, a bug-type creature whose design is inspired by larvae that are eaten in that region.

Now it only remains to hope that Nintendo does not retaliate for the designs based on Pokémon, since it is known that the company does not remain calm when someone uses its franchises. In the meantime, you can keep checking Kundu’s account on Tiktok and Instagram to see his next creations.

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