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“I’m being humiliated by Binance”, says a Brazilian who had bitcoins blocked

A Brazilian trader deposited 2 bitcoins in Binance and was using the broker as a wallet until his account was locked. Without much explanation, the broker’s client sought support to understand what happened.

In conversations through Binance Brasil’s chat, he even received confirmation that his balance would be released on November 30th.

Knowing Bitcoin since 2012, he managed to accumulate all this equity over the years, which he claims is all his invested money. In a conversation with Livecoins, the investor explained more details about his desperate case.

Trader claims that in the beginning everything worked out with the broker

In his account of the case, the trader who prefers not to be identified said that he started using Binance in October 2021. At the time, he came to the brokerage on his market reputation, depositing 1.98 Bitcoin in his account.

Despite having been in the market for a few years, he had never had any problems with brokers, which led him to trust the company. After the deposit, he even made a withdrawal to pay some bills, remembering that everything worked out during this process.

Since starting at the brokerage, he has left his registration complete and verified to avoid any problems, as Binance started to require the identity verification of all its clients.

Problems start: account stuck and bitcoins stuck in Binance

However, a few days later, in November 2021, by chance he went to check his balance at Binance, when he came across the message that his account was locked.

Brazilian account was locked in Binance, which was taken by surprise / Print sent by customer

At that moment, he claims that he was very scared by the message and already ran to support. At this service point, the customer said that the attendants did not want to explain to him about the problems that caused his account to be blocked.

Without understanding what was happening and with all his Bitcoin stuck in Binance, the Brazilian even filed a complaint with Complain here, on the 21st of November. At that moment, he recalled that he did not receive prior notice or explanations about the reason for the blockade, with his complaint still unanswered by that platform.

“We will release your balance on November 30”

In chat conversations, the customer said that he was not treated well. One of the explanations was that his account could be frozen at any time and that he consented to this by signing the terms of use of the platform.

On that day, after insisting with the attendant to have access to more information, he went warned that if you continued to enter the chat every day, your service would be blocked., which made him sad with the treatment he received.

Binance attendant threatens to block customer if he keeps going to chat every day
Binance Clerk Threatens to Block Customer If He Keeps Chatting Every Day /Customer Print

Even so, he kept in touch with Binance’s chat room and even hoped to get his Bitcoin back. In one of the calls, the attendant clearly stated that his account would be unlocked on November 30, two weeks after the problem started.

Clerk confirmed that Bitcoin balance would be released on November 30th, which did not happen
Clerk confirmed that Bitcoin balance would be released on November 30th, which did not happen /Customer Print

Arriving on the fateful date, believing he could withdraw his Bitcoins from Binance without any problems, the Brazilian logged into the brokerage at seven in the morning, when he saw that his account was still blocked. Back in the chat, he spent the day trying to resolve the issue, when he received the message that his account was still blocked and his case could take months to resolve.

Affirming that a “Binance is humiliating you“, he again went to Reclame Aqui to tell his story about the broker, as his balance was not blocked on the promised date and the investor still has no explanation of what motivated this.

In conversation with the reporter, he alleges that he started to delay payment slips and is very worried about losing everything he gathered during his time in the market.

What does Binance say?

Trying to understand the case of the trader, the Livecoins sought out Binance Brasil for further clarification. However, when asked about the problem, the brokerage sent only a simple note about the case.

“The user must wait for the end of the investigation process”.

The client still says he is surprised by Binance’s position in his case, as this value was in another Brazilian broker he trusts a lot and has never had any problems before. Also, it’s worrisome to know that there’s an ongoing investigation that he has no details on and can’t even defend himself, with his money still tied up.

He claims that the money originates and he even offered evidence to the broker, who refused to take the money and comment on the case to the client. In the market for a few years, but always relying on brokers, the Brazilian said that he has already bought a hardware wallet to save your Bitcoins when you get access again.

Recently, another client was arrested by R$ 32 million by Binance, in a case similar to this one.