Sunday, August 14

IMA cancels more than $ 386 thousand to producers from Herrera

The general director of Agricultural Marketing Institute (IMA), Carlos Motta, issued a new payment for $386,914.96 to producers in the province of Herrera.

The total payment is made to 243 small producers from Herrera who have been dispatching a variety of products harvested in that province.

“The figure that we begin to pay today to producers in the province of Herrera is in addition to the one already canceled since the beginning of Panama Solidario Program (PPS) whose amount was d $2,492,873.68”Motta reported.

Producers are canceled the dispatch of agricultural products such as: Sweet pepper, pumpkin, corn, otoe, yam and yucca, that were delivered to the PPS until September.

The PPS has canceled more than $ 6 million to producers in the country who have been offering to this program created to pay for the nutrition of thousands of families affected by the COVID-19.