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Images of Earth taken by the Inspiration4 mission | Digital Trends Spanish

Inspiration4 became the first space mission in history comprised only of civilian crew members.

This means that there were no professionally trained astronauts on board, for this reason, it has become one of the most important in recent times.

A few weeks ago, some images taken by the crew were known that showed the interior of the Crew Dragon ship.

Now, through its Twitter account, the mission has published a series of images showing what the Earth looks like from space.

“When you look up at the sky, you dream about being among the stars. When you’re with the stars and look down, you dream about being back on the earth. ” – @ChrisSembroski

More stunning photos from our # Inspiration4 crew’s three-day journey to orbit 🌎

& mdash; Inspiration4 (@ inspiration4x) September 29, 2021

“When you look at the sky, you dream of being among the stars. When you are with the stars and you look down, you dream of being back on Earth, ”wrote Chris Sembroski, one of the people who traveled on the ship, in the publication.

Unlike the previous records, these images were taken by the official camera of the mission, so their resolution is much higher.

According to Jared Isaacman, the mission commander, they took more than 700 photos with the Nikon camera during the three days they were in orbit.

The team in charge has indicated that, over time, they will share all these spectacular records through the mission’s social networks.

It should be remembered that shortly after the return of the crew to Earth, Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX, the company that sent the spacecraft into space, harshly criticized the president of the United States, Joe Biden, for not having referred to the success of the mission.

On several occasions, the tycoon has indicated that the Inspiration4 crew should be publicly decorated by the authorities.

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