Monday, March 27

Imagine another country

Much more than a succession of chords, much more than four notes and twenty-two verses, much more than a simple song … Imagine, a classic of music and a whole intergenerational hymn, which comes to these lines – surely in vain – because if there is something polarization, the trench and the Spanish right have, it is that they are predictable in all their manifestations. What is it talking about? I object. What did Sánchez say? We do the opposite. Where is the agreement? Let’s seek dissent.

If the fight against the pandemic has been from the beginning ammunition with which to load against the Government, there is no matter with which the PP can rise and carry out an exercise of greatness with which to demonstrate a sense of State if there is something left after that sadly famous comment with which the popular people implored Spain to fall and then raise it themselves. Twelve years of that have passed and they return under their jurisdiction.

When you travel to Brussels to say “Sánchez lies” you are telling the European authorities not to trust Spain because it is not a credible partner. And when it sows doubts about how the Government will spend the money from European funds, what it is doing is putting sticks in the wheels of the country’s economic recovery, the survival of thousands of companies and the job security of millions of workers.

Nothing remains in the DNA of the opposition that gives it the volume required by a civilized right with which it can negotiate and agree. The irruption of Vox in the political panorama has dragged Pablo Casado to a radicalization of his speech to avoid escapes by his most extremist wing, it has moved him away from moderation to worrying limits and, above all, it has left him in the most absolute of the ridiculous.

Read Ursula von der Leyen: “The First Payment of Next Generation EU. 10,000 million euros for Spain are already on the way. I hope to have more good news for other EU countries very soon ”. The undersigned is the president of the European Commission, a member of the CDU, a book conservative, deeply Catholic in education, a colleague of Angela Merkel and from the same political family to which Pablo Casado belongs. The tweet included the flag of Spain, the one that the Spanish right looks on suspenders, bracelets and masks as if it only belonged to them.

Indeed, the Spanish Treasury has already received those first 10,000 million euros of European funds announced by Von der Leyen. And Pablo Casado has lost the opportunity, not to amend his words and his behavior in Brussels, but to congratulate himself on the rain of millions, which are not intended for the Government, nor for Sánchez, but for the Spanish productive fabric.

If there were intelligent life on Genova street, someone should have noticed that the PP would be better off distancing itself as much as possible from Vox, really moderating itself and making a difference, if it existed at this point, in matters that should not be a matter of the partisan fight like the arrival of the European bottoms and the positioning of Spain in Europe.

To join the agreement for the labor reform, we are not even talking. His short-sighted strategic vision does not even allow him to see that saying yes to a partial revision of the labor framework is having swallowed a good part of the norm approved by the PP in 2012 and is also opening a gap in the parliamentary majority that the Government needs to validate the text that the Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday.

Well imagine, imagine a world, like the one John Lennon conceived, that is one. In this case, it would be a country in which the opposition celebrates everyone’s successes; a PP that joins the transversal consensus; a right that celebrated the congratulations to Spain from international organizations and some politicians who distinguished between what benefits the Government and what contributes to well-being and general development. Imagine well because that country is certainly not Spain and that opposition is not the one accredited by Casado, who has become a permanent ominous of evil.