Friday, December 3

IMF assures that it is “committed” with Argentina to reach an agreement

Regarding the status of the negotiations between the Fund’s staff and the Argentine authorities, “I characterize them as that we continue working to reach a complete understanding in a comprehensive program that can sustainably address the economic and social challenges, aiming to strengthen economic stability in the face of high inflation. that proportionally affects the most vulnerable more ”, he asserted.

He reiterated that what he said this week that for the IMF “it is important that this plan has political and social support and our objective is to help Argentina and the Argentines to lay the foundations to achieve a more sustained and inclusive growth”, endorsing the presidential decision to raise a possible agreement with the body to Parliament.

Regarding the evaluation that the IMF is carrying out on the loans granted to the country during the administration of President Mauricio Macri, Rice clarified that “this ex post evaluation that we carry out is done for all exceptional programs, it is not something special that we do for Argentina, we do it for all cases “” will be presented as always to our executive directory and then it will be published “but did not specify dates.

Regarding the macroeconomic review contained in Article IV, Rice said: “I am not sure about the status of the next Article IV),” and reiterated that “we are having a strong, active and frequent commitment on a potential new program.”

Multiannual Program

The Government is determined to send a multi-year program (in principle greater than one year) to Congress for approval. The date is still the first days of December and as President Alberto Fernández himself pointed out, “Martín (Guzmán) is working on that”.

This Thursday, the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, reiterated the date it was sent to Parliament and specified that the program will contain “a number of agreements necessary to carry out a multi-year economic and social program that includes some of the agreements that are being worked on with the staff. of the IMF and that they mark a course of which are the decisions that we are going to take ”.

He also remarked that “there is a vocation to reach an agreement, that there is unity of all the political forces that make up the government coalition and that there is certainty that this will be achieved as soon as possible,” said Cerruti.

Although it is rectified with respect to “achieve it as soon as possible” to leave a margin of negotiation by stating: “Not as soon as possible, but when it is necessary to achieve it and when the necessary agreements have been reached.”

The Government estimates that it will have an agreement closed before the first quarter of the year, as the president commented to businessmen. In addition, the urgency is given by the maturities that the country must face.

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