Wednesday, January 19

IMF closes its offices in Brazil due to criticism from Jair Bolsonaro

“We hope that the high quality of the relationship of the Fund’s technical team with the Brazilian authorities will continue, given that we work to support Brazil in strengthening its economic policy, “the agency’s statement indicates.

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, yesterday expressed his disappointment with the IMF calculations that predicted a fall in Brazilian GDP of around 10% in 2020 when it had a drop of 4.1%.

“We are dispensing the mission of the IMF, We told them that they can go to make forecasts elsewhere, “Guedes declared when speaking at the Federation of Industries of São Paulo (FIESP).

Guedes added that IMF officials They haven’t left Brazil yet, perhaps “because they like soccer, feichoada (a typical dish made with beans) and a good talk.”

State of San Pablo wrote that the “IMF will close its desk in Brazil due to government pressure amid Guedes criticism.”