Wednesday, January 19

Immediate deliveries are a trend in market purchases during the month of December

The favorite month of the year has arrived, and with it, the high traffic of cars on the street, hundreds of errands to run and pending completion before the holidays. With pandemic restriction measures much more relaxed than 2020, this year consumers have taken to the streets to do their Christmas shopping, including grocery shopping to prepare the traditional dishes of family gatherings this season.

In a month like December where time is more compromised and this type of errand may take a little longer than usual, consumers have been more open to using online channels to buy from the supermarket, and thus reduce the stress of Christmas shopping and avoid crowded aisles and long lines to pay. More and more the consumer has a preference to invest and take better care of their time, especially during these dates of the end of the year.

OrdersYa offers a solution, transforming the physical purchase dynamics of the supermarket, to the digital world, simplifying the lives of users with the option of fast market deliveries through Market orders.

This is a network of 100% digital supermarkets, also known as “dark stores“, Which allows users to order what they need from the supermarket and receive it almost immediately in their homes.

It can be said that in this way, instead of leaving home and having to go to a store for something that is needed, or that is sold out at the time, with Market orders the user receives it at the door of his house after 10 minutes. Orders is already a pioneer of the model “quick commerce”In the Latin American region, and currently has more than 130 locations of Market orders in 13 countries.

“We are always looking to offer more solutions that add value and simplify the lives of our users. In OrdersYa Market you can choose the items you want and receive them almost immediately after placing the order. Short-term home delivery has transformed commerce and is an increasingly important trend. We are proud to be able to be pioneers in this segment, delivering not in hours or days … but in minutes. ” projection Jorge Faroh, Head of OrdersYa Market Panama.

This digital supermarket proposal already has coverage in both Panama City and La Chorrera, with availability of more than 3,000 products with almost immediate delivery.

How does OrdersYa Market work? OrdersYa digital supermarkets are located in strategic and densely populated areas to ensure fast delivery. Each store offers products from various categories: Pantry items, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, cleaning products, etc., and inventories are constantly adjusted according to the needs and preferences of users.

The service is available from 7 am to midnight, 7 days a week, exclusively through the OrdersYa app. AND

In this section, users will be able to navigate as if they were physically in the supermarket, adding products in the shopping cart and with the option of payment by card and cash.