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Impeccable egg with fossilized dinosaur embryo found in China | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of scientists found in China a fossilized dinosaur embryo in a fantastic state of preservation, so much so that experts say it looks “as if it died yesterday.”

After their study, the experts found similarities never before documented between the hatching of some species of dinosaurs and certain birds.

The find was made in 2000 during the construction of the Yingliang Museum of Natural History, in the city of Ganzhou, southeast China. However, the fossil was analyzed until 2015.

Fion Waisum Ma, PhD candidate in paleobiology from the University of Birmingham, UK, explained to the Live Science portal that the study of the fossil allowed us to observe that the dinosaurs of the ovirraptorid family carried out movements similar to those of some birds to hatch.

Specifically, the academic points out that the ovirraptorid that failed to be born folded its head at the height of its abdomen and placed its legs up to its skull.

Scientists find in China the fossil of an ovirraptorid in a fantastic state of conservation

The expert pointed out that this position should have helped it stabilize when using its head to hatch and hatch. “If he couldn’t do it, his chances of dying increased, as it would be more difficult for the embryo to break the egg and be born,” Ma explained.

The observations, says the specialist, provide unique evidence about the behavior of certain species of dinosaurs at birth.

“Before the study, we really did not know how dinosaurs were placed inside an egg to be born, since the fossilized embryo fossils are too fragmented. With this we see in detail that the ovirraptorids used movements similar to those of some birds “, he explained.

Observations of the ovirraptorid fossil were published in the scientific journal iScience.

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