Thursday, February 2

Implementing Bitcoin in Game Can Double Player Retention, Says Company

A company has released a new tool to implement Bitcoin in any game that exists and wants to pay its gamers with the largest digital currency there is. Many games have emerged in recent months promising lots of easy wins with cryptocurrencies and tokens. However, few remained in operation, while the coups grew absurdly.

Last Tuesday (18), for example, a scam of a game that promised gains with BNB ended up confirming that the market is going through a delicate moment. Even so, the expectation about the earnings to play is not low, quite the opposite.

According to Brazilian analyst Marcel Pechman, gamers could receive remuneration from games, as they complete certain tasks, as a measure of retaining players. For developer Zebedee, this is already a reality.

Company has tools to help any game implement Bitcoin as a means of payment

While the game industry is going through a good moment of fundraising, these are only concentrated in the hands of the project developers. Gamers take time and money to stay loyal to brands, but the “play to win” shadow is starting to weigh on.

With that in mind, Zebedee posted on its Twitter last Tuesday that it is helping any game to implement Bitcoin as a means of payment for its customers.

With its own solution to allow gamers to be rewarded directly in their wallets and with Bitcoin, this is one of the first companies to create a complete tool for other games to use.

“How do you make a game with a significant economy? Break the barrier between in-game money and AFK money with Bitcoin. With the right tools, it’s simpler than you might think.”

In this way, it is possible that soon several popular internet games will already be paying their players with Bitcoin, a solid currency that has been working for 13 years.

Zebedee reports that with Bitcoin earnings, games can double gamer retention. In addition, this tool created by the company already supports implementations of the metaverse, which can already start interacting with Bitcoin.

Games to earn Bitcoin, what are they and how to download?

What many people don’t know is that games have already implemented Bitcoin as a means of payment in the market, all in the free to play category. So, with zero investment, gamers can start earning their first Bitcoin fractions directly into their wallets.

Zebedee itself has already created possibilities to earn Bitcoin by playing Counter Strike (CS: GO) and even the game Sarutobi. These options can be further explored on the company’s website.

THNDR GAMES is the brand that has the most options to play to win with Bitcoin, with three options currently shown in its page, which are Bitcoin Bubble Shooter, Turbo 84 and Bitcoin Bounce.

That way, before investing a lot of money to buy a token that can drop 99% in a few hours, novice players who want to experience Bitcoin gains can test out these companies.