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Imserso trips can be booked from December 14

The trips of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso) for next year already have a hiring date. As of December 14, they will begin to be marketed in travel agencies, as indicated by the agency.

The Imserso resumes the contracting of its trips after lifting the precautionary suspension of the tender

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Between now and then, the people who have requested to participate in these trips, more than 3.5 million, will receive by post, at their homes, their letter of accreditation, indicating the date and destination they can reserve.

The body that depends on the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda points out that, currently, after the final award signed on November 2, the Social Tourism Program is in the phase of mandatory procedures for the formalization of contracts.

For this reason, the Imserso reminds that the offer of the trips on these dates will be fulfilled “as long as no appeals are presented before the Central Administrative Court of Contractual Resources, which would force to delay this start”, he points out. deadline November 25.

In addition, the Imserso indicates that, this week, “it has started the coordination process with the foreseeable winners of a contract that, extendable until the 2023-2024 season, meets the quality requirements of the program, introducing security measures regarding Covid -19, and maintaining prices that guarantee the opportunity to travel to the large applicant population “.

The winners of the tender

The winning companies are Mundiplan (the union of companies made up of Iberia, IAG7 and Alsa), which won two lots of the travel contest for the elderly; and Ávoris (Barceló and Halcón Viajes), which was awarded the remainder.

Specifically, Mundiplan has been awarded the trips of the lots in the areas of the peninsular and insular coast; while Ávoris took the one for inland tourism.

The first of these contracts, the peninsular coast lot, was awarded for an amount of 26.4 million euros, according to the documentation published on the State Procurement Platform; while the other batch of Mundiplan, the one from insular coasts, is close to 20 million euros. In the case of the inland tourism lot of European origin awarded to Ávoris, the amount is 7.78 million, according to published documentation.

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